Sexy Skin

I love to look at tats on other people. I fantasize about having them on me all the time. I long to tattoo political ideologies and manifestos on my arms. I have had fantasies about having tattoos ever since I was little. About two weeks before I turned 18 I went into a tattoo parlor with my friend Sara, she needed to have the homemade tattoo gun at a drunken party tattoo fixed. I asked them if they would tattoo a strawberry on my hip. I looked just like strawberry shortcake as a teenager. Short red hair and freckles – I was wicked cute – they carded me and said “no ID no tattoo.” I was a little peeved then but by the time I turned 18 I was over it. I don’t want a silly strawberry on my hip.

There is always some sexy idea of a tattoo that I want to have put on me. When I go through an I want a tattoo phase I imagine I have the tattoo for a long time, I imagine what it will look like, how people will react to it, and what I will gain from having it on my body. Truth is I am better equipped to pass in dangerous settings without tattoos. I don’t need anyone knowing what I believe in, where I am from, whom I have loved, or what I thought would look cool one night while I was drunk. I can simply get away with more by having none.

Tattoos have become so ubiquitous in modern culture that I have to wonder how long it is before I stand out like a sore thumb from my stark lack of them. The more prevalent they become the less I think they mean. So many people have tattoos that they claim are meaningful, tribal tattoos, Chinese symbols, and other things that just don’t make any sense to me. I didn’t grow up in a tribal environment, I don’t speak Chinese, I have no interest in pretending that these symbols mean something to me when they are clearly taken from someone else’s heritage and slapped on the small of someone’s back, becoming a tramp stamp. That is the part of my culture that is significant, the relevance of a tramp stamp. I don’t think I need one. I’m not ever going to get one, if I have anything to say about it.

Tattoos are sexy on other people, when they have an abundance of them. It’s a sexy idea and a funny little fantasy I play in my head over and over, but I’m really into my skin being so very bare. I fetishizes it. My skin is ivory white and has nothing on it. It is very white and has no ink, it is a work of art in maintaining skin that gets no sun, that rejects ink as a pop culture pleasure disguised as a significant and meaningful work of art. There are better things I can do with my artistic urges, better things I can do with my money, better things I can do for the world. It is in my nature to rebel. The more other people tattoo themselves the more I relish in the fact that I have none.

I got some nasty message a couple weeks ago suggesting that because I am vocal about the fact that I like and indeed prefer to have sex with black men that I am shallow. Oh gawd no! Me Shallow! For the sake of Pete, I suppose this makes me human, human and American. Yes I am shallow, but not because I lust for ebony men in top physical form. I am a fetishist. I love to see contrast in the world, things that are strikingly different, the juxtaposition of difference turns me on. Very short and very tall people do it for me too. I am ivory white, some might say pasty, green, or even unhealthy vampire white. I don’t mind if you don’t like the color of my skin as a sexual object. If you lust after it in the way I lust after dark skin then woo hoo! People find things attractive, others not so much, everyone has different tastes. I love to see my ivory body wrapped in the arms of an ebony lover, the contrast is simply stunning. I fetishize the contrast. I know many people do. It doesn’t hurt that black men seem to have an abundance of schlong. I love dick, I love deep penetration, I love the orgasms that I have with large deep penetration. Does this make me shallow? Seeking sexual bliss makes me a shallow person? I’m not trying to be a saint.

Send me a very dark man with a very big dick. If he has no tattoos and is all cut and muscular I will cream. Sure I enjoy other types of people but when I am looking for sexual partners, this is one of the only types of men who actually turn me on. I’m not very straight, the fact that I like this particular form of masculinity is great. Who amongst us can say that a man of dark statuesque beauty isn’t sexy? When wrapped around my ivory white curvatious body, I’m in heaven.

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  1. the more of Your blogs i read the more i am dreaming of getting to know You. the person that made that comment is living a lie. what does thinking have to do with physical attraction? this person wants to believe in a fantasy. there is a physical part of love the most important part, without it a species would cease to exist. all Your words are true and absolutely correct.

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