Can You Afford My Rates?

I am not a very good dominatrix. I am not stern, I am not mean, I would rather you could entertain yourself. To watch you like a babysitter, to get dressed up, put on make up, the attitude that goes into “being a dominatrix,” drinking copious amount of water, not writing my thesis, not writing porn, not reading, basically giving all of my energy to you – this is exhausting. You are work for me. Don’t think that you are my toy or my plaything, I work as a dome. Yes I like it, yes it is work.
I do like to work as a dominatrix. It is fun. It is better than a lot of other jobs I could have. It is still work. I am NOT a lifestyle Dominatrix. I am a prodomme.
Here is what it takes for me to play with you:
I get a call / schedule an appointment. I plan based on your fantasies. I work to create a better than life experience. Sometimes this includes contacting other dommes, working out public places to play where we won’t get in trouble, I plan and plan to make magic happen.
After I have a rough idea of what I am going to do to amuse your perverted little mind, I have to get all prepared. I’m a nervous wreck. I’m worried that you might be a cop, sent to shake me down; I’m worried that you might be a psychopath who will go nuts and try to kill me; I’m stressed out that you might be someone who dislikes my work and has come into my world to make it less happy. I’m pretty sure that you are not going to kill me – no one has yet, but that does not mean that this is not a concern for sex workers, including myself. I am constantly thinking that something could happen, something could go wrong. I know plenty of sex workers who have had bad things happen: robbed, mugged, raped, beaten up, framed, arrested, blackmailed, hurt. I expect that things will go well and I am prepared and on the look out for things to go wrong. Am I going to need to use my ass kicking ninja skills? Am I going to get taken? Stood up? Are you going to be too chicken because you are just as stressed out about seeing a sex worker as I am about seeing a client?
The risks are far to numerous to list them all. It is a stressful job.
After I take the psychological effects of working into account I still have to tweeze my face, I have to groom, wash my hair and put on something sexy. I’m a graduate student these things are not necessarily going to happen if I am left to my own devices. I need get into a sexy mood, and put on some music that doesn’t suck.
I have to make sure that my equipment is clean, new, fun, not going to injure you, that I know how to use it, that I look cool and dominating using it. The equipment is expensive. I have tens of thousands of dollars of fetish clothing and kinky sex toys. I have single tail whips that cost about $500 each, electrical sex toys that cost over $1500, custom outfits and a huge collection of designer shoes. This is not an inexpensive business. The overhead is very high. A cage to lock you in costs thousands of dollars. Ads to lure you in cost hundreds of dollars.
So I have paid out my cost to have the best equipment, the best ads, the best attitude that I can gather – this is not free. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal fitness and well being, I spend hours a day staying in shape; I have the better part of two Masters degrees, I am smart and sexy and have worked very hard to make myself the very best version of myself that I can be.
Why would I want to spend my time with someone who can’t afford my rates? How hard do you work? Do you want to meet me? Get to know me? You want me to shower and go to yoga, and be in the right outfit and use my toys with skill and have sleep and take my vitamins and get something intelligent done with my day and spend time with you. Do you want me to give you my all? Do you want the very best session I can give you? My rates are comparable with what I feel I need to maintain equilibrium. You want my time? I want to be treated well. I don’t want to be a discount dominatrix. I could really get a real job. I have the education and the wardrobe. I have the skills and the motivation. You want me to amuse you? Why? What are you going to do for me?
Oh, a thirty minute session for a hundred dollars?
I have to do all of the things above no matter how long your session is. I have to pull my shit together and make myself pretty and strong, put on shoes that hurt and wield an attitude that is counter intuitive to grad students. I’m an all-powerful dominant mistress. Right. I’m a mere mortal. I can proctor a test and I’ll find a way to fuck it up, get yelled at and question my choices in life. I inspire fear in you. Right. I’m a lowly student, I’m not sure I’m going to pass my comp exams. Am I going to be able to finish school? Get the dream job as tenure track professor? Bow to me.
Granted, sometimes I am wicked broke. I need money in a bad way right now. I have things to pay for. Tuition, phone bill, car insurance, and a butt load of academic fees. I might take less for a session. You however, you will get less.
I’m a big believer that you get what you pay for. If you pay me half of what I ask for you will get my best half effort. I’ll show up, I’ll look good but maybe I will have cut my cost by not showering, not bringing my equipment, not really reading your email, not giving you my full attention. I’ll give you a session and it will be alright, so-so, good enough. It likely won’t blow your mind. For a mind-blowing session you need to pay me what I ask. I appreciate a client who can pay my rates. It is really what I need to cover my cost, to give you the full attention, to respect you and your kink, to not see you as a mark, a buck to pay a bill. You want me to take you seriously? Take me seriously and pay me what I ask for. If you want a discount dominatrix, call one. You get what you pay for.

One thought on “Can You Afford My Rates?

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  1. You a bitch? I don’t think so at all. I didn’t realize what sex workers have to go thru or risk!

    I would pay 3 times what you ask to see you.

    You are dynamite!

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