A Hot Spot for Road Side Piss Stops

There is a scenic rest stop on a hwy near me. It is notorious for being the gay trucker rest stop. The perfect blow n go pull off. Drive down the road, pull into a rest stop that has nothing scenic, no bathroom, and a dozen parking spaces facing the hwy.
I have been driving past it, eying the truckers, the sedans, the mini-vans, thinking about all the hot road side sex that must be happening. I have been nervous about it too, like I was when I was little and I saw something smutty right out there in the open, everyone knows but no one says anything. A sexy spot, right here in this little town. I have found something I’m excited about.
A few weeks ago I pulled in to see if it was really the hotbed of sexual activity that I was hoping for. I got all panicky and didn’t park in the one open parking spot. I just kept driving, nervous, heart pounding, feeling flustered and all warm between my legs. Wow. I consider myself to be pretty fucking jaded about most things sexual but this, this is my kind of sexy.
I have been thinking about the hot middle America gay roadside sex that happens here for weeks. To nervous to pull in, check it out, confirm or expunge my fantasies. I just drive past it, over and over, day in and day out. It is right on my way to where I need to go. I’m hot for this spot.
Then last night I get a call from some piss boy I used to seen in California. He says he wants to meet me in a parking lot for a drink. My loins warm. Did he just say a parking lot? I” know the perfect one” I told him. “Meet me there in twenty minutes” I said. I threw my shoes on, headed for the door, almost forgot to bring a coat, and bolted to the scenic sex spot. I had a reason to pull over, to get out of the car.
As I pulled off the highway I was dripping wet. I was excited to actually be at this spot, it was nice that I had a thirsty bitch along too but this spot Oh it makes me wet. The cars were flying past us on the hwy. There was a large bread truck parked towards the beginning of the parking area, then the red American thing that my toilet boy was in, another couple cars, a spot. I parked and got out. I was so excited that I dropped my hat. I didn’t notice, I went over to his rental car, pulled him out led him by the hand to the information sign. It was the middle of the night. It was dark. Garbage was overflowing from the cans, there was no map or anything informative on the little sign. There were rubbers on the ground. The bread truck clearly had someone in the drivers seat.
“Get on your knees and open up” I told him. “Yes mistress” he meekly answered. I lifted my skirt and pulled his head to my pussy. “Eat my cunt and make me want to piss in your mouth” I demanded. I wrapped my left leg around his neck and effectively trapped him there. I leaned against the bare info sign, watched the traffic, looked into the eyes of the guy in the bread truck. I stood there enjoying myself for a few minutes and came on his face. After I came I shot a stream of piss into his mouth. Lick me clean I demanded. He licked. While his mouth was open I shot another stream of piss into his mouth, catching him off guard, he choked a little as piss got in his nose. I pulled his face into my crotch so he couldn’t really breathe all that well. I let my gush of piss into his mouth, he gulped it down, lapping like a dog. I had a lot of piss. He licked and swallowed and I came again.
“Lick the piss you missed up from my legs” I told him. He licked my inner thighs and my knee high black lace up boots. When I was satisfied I took another look around, smiled at the guy in the bread truck, patted my toilet boy on the head, told him he was a good boy and headed back to my car. I drove home, jerked off thinking about the sexy road side sex spot, and realized I had dropped my hat in the parking lot. I have a reason to go back in the morning.

One thought on “A Hot Spot for Road Side Piss Stops

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  1. Now that is ridiculously hot! I also love over the top seedy, nasty, reeks of sex locations for perverted piss play and generally unacceptable behavior. *sigh* Where was I when you lived in Boulder? I so would have thrown myself at your ankles for a good public using…or dreamt constantly (as I still do) of you whoring me out to groups of twisted fucks. Someday?

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