Confirm Your Philadelphia Bookings or I might stay home

Sitting here listening to RAW, wondering if I should really drive to Philadelphia.

The cards are sort of stacked against me.

My car has been in the shop for weeks. I picked it up and returned it for a wholly different repair only a day later. It is in the shop right now. I am scheduled to pick it up at the end of the day, then I am supposed to drive this car to Philly? Six hours away? Hmmm.

I’m not sure about it. It was great across the country. Now that I am in New England, I need it to make it through the winter. At this rate I’m not sure it will. I’m not sure I will.

I could take the train, maybe. I have never been to Philly and I’m not feeling like hauling all my crap with me everywhere I go. I’m pretty over traveling like a refugee.



I have some work lined up / softly scheduled in Philly. If I drive down there I need people to come through.

I’m wondering if my public piss boys are really there. Secure your commitments by sending me another direct email. If you have emailed me / phoned me / etc. And you can contact me again to confirm, I’ll give getting there a try.

If you are in NYC mentions this. A trip to NYC is in the works.

Direct email:

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