A Pervert Walks into a Bar

He came into see me, I brought a bag of toys with me, I strolled into this VIP lounge decorated with fake palm trees and cheap sofas. “Sit on the couch” I tell him.

I get out a couple lengths of rope, I hog tie him face down at the foot of the sofa. “There you go pig, that’s for trying to grope me in the lap dance area.”

“Thank you mistress” he mumbles. The dancer across the way gives me a huge smile. I smile back and poke my shoe in this pigs face. “Lick the sole of my nasty strip club shoe” I order him, “I lift the public toilet with the heel, I lift it and then piss then I use the platform to put the seat down. I have been walking all over this nasty club, the shoe is foul. Lick it clean and show the other dancers why you came into this club tonight” I say a little louder. Both dancers, now watching out of the corner of their eyes, giggle a little, careful not to distract to the dudes they are dancing for.

The pig slurps loudly at the giant shoe I’m wearing, being a nasty loud little piggy. “Shut the fuck up down there” I snap at him. I start digging through the toys I have in my bag, not really sure what I grabbed as I dashed out the door on my way to this club.
A single tail whip, a chastity belt, a frilly pair of pink panties. “Perfect” I say to no one as I slide the panties onto his head. He is down there tied face down, slurping on my shoe, panties on his head.

I poke him with my other heel, knowing that nothing really serious can happen in this club. It is just a strip club, after all. I continue looking through my toys. A gag, a leash, a collar, a pair of nipple clamps, a book: Beyond Good and Evil.
Though the light is dim, I crack into it, mid book. “Clean my shoe off so there is nothing on it, make it shine with your tongue” I tell the overweight man in bondage, his name I don’t even know. “We have another half ad hour, don’t disappoint me.” I put my nose in my book and he goes to work with his tongue.

When I look up from my read I see that we have ten minutes left, that the other dancers are leaving, and that my shoe is totally clean. “Good boy” I tell him. “I’m in the mood to have you at my feet all night. Can you handle that?” I ask him. “ummm, uggg, I don’t know mistress” he babbles. I dangle the chastity belt in front of him and he shakes with anticipation. “I’m nervous mistress. I don’t want all the people out there to see me on my knees” he spits out. “Really?” I inquire.

He starts to prattle something about how he works locally and that he is an attorney, blab la bla. I untie him silently. “Get out now” I tell him. He pulls a wad of hundred dollar bills from his wallet, hands them to me, and tells me “I’m sorry I have displeased you mistress. May I come back again next week?”

I look at the wad of cash he just handed me. “Yes, you can come back” I say a little flabbergasted. It’s been a while since I was given a tip that was more than a few dollars.

“Thank you mistress” he says and disappears into the club. I shove the wad into my purse, gather up my toys and head into the dressing room to ditch the bag o’ goodies.

Back to the dark shady world of ye ol strip club.


Come see me at the Mardi Gras 2, before I grow tired of it and move onto something else. My feet already hurt.

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