Got Drunk, Lost Phone

The title says it all. Don’t get all bent out of shape if I am not responding to your texts, I lost my phone. I also lost your number, as it was in my phone. Email me if you are trying to reach me. I’ll have a new phone Tuesday (I hope).

One thought on “Got Drunk, Lost Phone

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  1. In the park on my way to work I used too see this woman running in the morning. She was one of the few runners that ran on really shitty days. Every day I saw her I felt glad particularly if the weather was bad and I wasn’t yet in a good mood. We had this relationship of which she was never aware that touched my life in a way.
    I tripped over your blog looking for “fine art photography golden showers”. Just like the runner I feel I have a relationship with you. I am not watching you run but I am witnessing you trying to make sense of the world. On the days that I didn’t see the runner I didn’t know if it was because our times were not synchronized or if she didn’t feel like running. Following your blog I find myself glad when you are moving forward and are setting the pace. Unlike my runner I know why and what is happening on the days that you don’t “run”.

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