Dr Pee

I left the club at 1:00 in the morning. I called to confirm and headed to Boston.

I grew up in hospitals, my mother was a nurse. most people dislike hospitals, I love them, I love the way they smell. antiseptic. clean, like the smell of disease, washed away. it reminds me of my home. I am sure that when my mother dies I will go to hospitals and sniff the air to remind me of the way she smelled when I was a child.

After a two hour drive and a surprisingly small amount of getting lost. I pull into the hospital parking area. It’s the middle of the night and I call this guy and have him come down to get me. He is a resident, living and working at the hospital in an attempt to get through medical school. When he gets downstairs he is in scrubs, with his little name badge hanging around his neck. I have a full face of hooker makeup and high heels on. I must look like I just came from a strip club. It didn’t occur to me to tone it down, I was in a hurry, a hurry to get several hours across the state. I look whorish and the guards at the hospital check stop notice but say nothing, they let the doctor and this lady of the night pass by without a word.

We head to the service elevator, large enough for a gurney, we head upstairs and down a few halls through some doors that clearly announce that only hospital employees are allowed to be there. I’m way to comfortable in hospitals. We enter his room, it has his name on a little placard on the door. I think to myself “he must be so excited to be at this stage in his career, living in the hospital, oy!”

His tiny room is dimly lit by a computer screen. Porn shines through the room, orgasm ruining porn. Giddy girl next door types putting their finger on the jiz as it starts to come out. Denying full release. “Will you do that to me?” He asks wantonly.

Take off your scrubs, I tell him. He strips. He is skinny, white, and fragile looking. His dick is rock hard and standing at attention. Get in the shower I tell him, and he heads to the tiny bathroom and sits on the floor of the toilet. I wash my hands as I am apt to do naturally, more so in hospitals. “Stroke your dick for me” I tell him and he starts pumping away. I take off my high-heeled boots and jeans. I climb up on his shoulders, holding onto the top of the shower stall. “Open your mouth” I tell him. He looks up at me with his mouth open like a baby bird. I shoot some piss into his anticipatory hole. “Swallow it,” I demand. He gulps it down and moans a cute little “ohhh.”

“You’re a dirty doctor having me come up her in the middle of the night to entertain your perverted needs” I tell him as I dribble a little piss out very very slowly. I let my stream drip and dribble like a faucet left on just a bit. “I am, oh yes I am,” he pants. “Open your mouth you perverted middle class white man” he opens wide, clearly hoping for a lot of piss to come gushing. I squirt out a good bit and when he goes to swallow it without being told I shoot a hard stream onto his face. He gasps. I laugh. “Stroke your dick and open your mouth” I tell him I fill his mouth and tell him “swallow it, don’t make a mess” he swallows and pumps and opens and I fill his mouth, letting it overflow and go into his nose a little. He gulps it down and pumps harder. “May I come?” He asks politely? “Not yet,” I tell him, “you have to finish your drink first.”

I climb down onto the floor of the shower and showed my pussy in his face. “Drink” I tell him as I gush my piss in his face. He pumps and moans and pumps and swallows. “Cum for me” I tell him, as he gulps my piss. He starts to convulse and I pull away, and grab his cock. Just as he starts to come I shove my pinky finger into his urethral opening. “Fuck you and your shitty little boy orgasm” I say to him. I lift my leg like a dog and piss in his face. With my finger in his hole and my piss still shooting all over his face I tell him “you’re a sad pathetic creature, a looser, a little piss drinking slut, why in the hell do you think I would really let you come?” I shoot piss up his nose and wait for him to stop shaking.

When I take my finger out of his hole a little jiz dribbles out and I shove my pussy back in his face, empty my bladder and get out of the shower. I dry off, wash my hands again and put my clothes back on. He is still sitting there, blissed out of his mind. “Thank you” he says, “that was fantastic.” I smile. He pulls himself up, dries himself off and I pat him on the head. “I can get out of here alone” I tell him, knowing that I can navigate the complex maze of hallways that we twisted and turned through to get to his little room. Hospitals are well marked. “He hands me a $100 tip says “thank you, that was so much fun,” and I disappear out into the brightly lit halls of polished and sanitized disease.

I feel so at home here.

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  1. A very interesting escapade. The peeing part was very exciting and extremely tantalizing. The smackdown at the end made the story resonate beyond the thrill of the chase

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