Wanna See Me?

Sorry I went away for a bit. I have been very ill. I have had every possible test run and the good news is that I’m not dying, I’m not contagious, and I’m totally insurable.

The bad news is that I have had a three year migraine headache. Three and a half really, but who is counting?

In that time I have been pretty much just trying not to die. I spent the first year thinking I would get better and pretending that I was fine. The second year I spent sleeping, hiding from the sun, and struggling to finish school, the third year I started seeing doctors and getting serious about my health.

I am livid about health care in the USA. I have been put on so many fucking pills and nothing made me better. The behavior I was presenting was pissing a lot of people off. I was almost never able to make it to anything I scheduled, I was being really bitchy, I was dark and moody and I was running off my friends — fast.

I decided I had to come out as sick. If you have been hurt or blown off by me I am sorry. I am not able to do the things that normal people do. I have been severely disabled by this.

Shortly after I shot the I’m sick video I started looking at other things I could do to improve my odds of getting better. I decided to make some changes. I thought I was eating healthy food, and I was but then I was having beer and cookies too. I thought I was getting enough exercise but I was fooling myself. I figured I would stop drinking, stop eating sugar, stop eating nuts, stop eating soy, workout more. Its been two weeks. I’m feeling a lot better. I’m not going to the beach in the daytime any time soon but I have not had a migraine headache in a week. This is huge. I’m not sure if it was the beer, the nuts, the soy, or just a fluke. Maybe it is because I decided that I wanted to feel better. Who knows. I’m not great, but I’m feeling well enough to update this blog and tell you where I have been hiding.

Cause you know I have been doing dirty things, right?

I have been working in the strip clubs, because I still have bills to pay and it is a gig that is flexible enough for the sexy vampire with migraines and attitude problems. As the video suggests I am extremely sensitive to sunlight. So I dance at night, try to hide from the sun …

If you want to see me I’m dancing as ‘Friday’ at the Cadillac Lounge in Providence RI. I’m usually there on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I sometimes come in a night or two during the week, but it really depends on how I’m feeling. I’m heading to the lounge in a couple hours and I’ll be there Sunday and Monday night this week too, (memorial day).

The Cadillac Lounge is a very edgy place. I have a lot of fun there. If you want to see me, talk to me, donate money to me, play … this is the place to do it. I’m not doing very much out of the club right now.

I assure you that I am not contagious. If you want a migraine of your own I recommend graduate school.

Please do come in and say hello, I would love to see some fans.

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