On The Mend

I’m doing a lot better.  I stopped taking all the pills that I was using trying to control my migraines.  The only exception to this is if I am really stiff I will take a motrin.  I stopped eating nuts, soy, all dairy save for plain yogurt, bread, all things processed, and booze.  I stopped drinking.  I am sad and thirsty but I am not suffering from daily migraines.  This is huge.  It is the best I have felt in years. 

Strangely I usually feel best during the summer months.  Considering my sun sensitivity I think this is odd.  It has been this way for several summers now.  Four?  Oh Gawd.  I’m gonna keep up with my new seriously restrictive diet and hope that I continue to feel alright, headache free. 

I’m not all better.  Not my old fun totally outrageous self but I’m not suffering for the moment. 

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