I Have Gas and I’m Going To Work

I have the worst gas ever.  I made wonderful greens and they have made me so farty I could likely power something.  I have been pretending I’m not going to go the the Cadillac Lounge, but I am heading there now. If you love gassy women and you are anywhere near Providence RI, come see me tonight or tomorrow. 

My Gawd I’m Bloated and Smelly.  I need a fart sniffer. 

4 thoughts on “I Have Gas and I’m Going To Work

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  1. Had a wonderful dream where you were sitting in a tub with an inverted bowl and you farted underwater so the bowl caught your farts. You then took a piston filled it with water put it into the bowl and drew it full of your gas. You then pumped the gas into my butt and watched me squirm knowing I was about to fart out your gas and laughed hysterically when I finally did! I woke up so turned on I looked at a picture of you and creamed my panties in just one stroke! Are you open to me paying you to try this in real life?

  2. I am responding to You training me to get super turned on by Your gas! I LOVE that I get rock hard thinking of paying You to spend an evening smelling Your gas! I would be honored to do a video of You farting on my balls and watching me blow my panties full of come! Show just how helpless I now am to Your farts!

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