I Have Heard it All, Twice.

Wankers.  Don’t be one.


A wanker is someone who calls and messes with you, doesn’t have money, schedules appointments that they don’t intend to keep, cancels and does it again and again and keeps asking to reschedule, or otherwise wasting the time of sex workers.


Recently I made the silly mistake of booking a session for a newbie, someone I had never seen before.  I talked to him and made the assessment that he was a reasonable sort.  He sounded alright, he sounded like he had experience.  He said he was an hour away, thought he lives in the mountains, he texted me to confirm he was on his way, called and said he was running late but still coming, he confirmed that he was approaching our meeting place.  He texted to say he was almost there and then, without warning he said that his wife called and that the hot water heater exploded and that his basement was flooding.  But he was hours away from where he lived and I suggested that his wife might fair better if she called a plumber.  He said that his wife totally freaks out and that she is alone with the kid and the dog and that he needed to go home to the Berkshires immediately.  Dude the Berkshires are three hours away, maybe four depending on where you have to go.  He said his wife was having a nervous breakdown, becasue she apperently can’t cope with calling a plumber like an adult though she lives in the mountains.  He asked if he could reschedule, I told him to come pay me for the session and I would allow him to reschedule, he said he turned around ten minutes ago, I said pay me with a credit card, he said I can’t my wife.   We played this strange game for a couple minutes and then I remembered that I have heard this story before, this exact story.  I’m on my way, I’m here, I had to go to the Berkshires cause my wife and the water heater.  What a strange lie to make up.  And then to use it again.  I’m certain that this wanker called me a couple years ago and did this same thing.   Hot water heater flooding basement in Berkshires.  This is not the sort of thing that happens while people are on their way to see a dominatrix.  You have to head back to the Berkshires, right now, to an idiot of a wife who cant hold this together without you? Sure dude.  This happens to you often.


It ruined my whole night.  I had an important meeting to go to but I stalled thinking I could go late, but then he was running late, and so I opted out of going, and then, he was almost here so I figured I was never gonna make it to the meeting, but then he canceled with his ‘emergency’ and I realized that I blew off something really important that I should have been able to walk in ten minutes late for after playing with this wanker, his back and forth totally fucked up my groove.


And what did he get out of it?  I guess this wanker just wanted to fuck up my groove.  Well he did.


It sucks.  Wankers irritate sex workers and then we have less patience for detaining with people who are legitimate customers and clients.  The wankers make the sex workers short tempered and then clients think we are all a bunch of bitches, and no one wins.




If you have not seen me before you must put up a 50% credit card deposit.  No exceptions.  Blame this guy who had his wife die in a flood while she was waiting for him to make the epic journey home to the mountains, instead of calling a plumber.   Yeah.

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