Burt Reynolds

So I met this dude at a titty bar.  I gave him my fake ‘real’ stripper name.  I gave him my real phone number.  He called and we got together for a session.  I remember that he was very polite and submissive at the club, even though he was there with a bachelor party.  I agreed to meet him for a session because he really did seem sweet.  I had no idea what sort of session he wanted.  I assumed I would feel him out and take the lead.


I get to the hotel room and we order some food, he has a sip of his adult beverage and starts to shake up a little in his speech.  Like he has something he wants to tell me but cant spit it out.  So I say, “nervous?” and he blurts out “I Really Like Wrestling!” and I smile.  He sips his drink and elaborates “I like to have women squash my head with their thighs.  Would you do that?” “Absolutely, of course I will.  It will be great fun” I say and his mouth drops to the floor like a 1960s cartoon.  “New to this?” I inquire.  “This is my first session ever” he tells me.  I had no idea, I didn’t ask and he seemed to know the lingo, he spoke calmly on the phone, I had technically met him at the titty bar already and honestly found him charming.  It somehow slipped my standard set of queries.  He said he wanted to schedule a session, I though ‘great, that sweet subbie from the club’ It somehow seemed like he was in with the cool kids, so I was actually a little worried about it all of a sudden.


“You mean you have never met with a sex worker in any capacity?” “No, this is my first time.  Is that alright.  I don’t want to offend you.” “Yes, it will be fine” I said.  Then I ordered a bottle of wine from room service.  I hadn’t had wine in over a year.  I figured I could use a glass.  Newbies are either overwhelmed with glee and totally satisfied with the slightest bit of attention or they are greedy monsters who have never been touched and don’t really understand the rules of the game.  He was a greedy monster but he was polite about it, so I did my best to roll with it.


He said he had been watching lots of videos on the internet.  That he liked to be held down, squeezed with thighs, full nelson, and “can you do this thing where you try to knock me unconscious by squeezing my head and neck with your legs.  I just love a powerful woman.”  I explained to him that I didn’t want him to have a black out, that I was not prepared to deal with EMTs, the two of us had only just met.  I would use a lot of strength and see where it leads.

So I put on some pretty sexy stripper thing, booty shorts and a tank top, something wrestlerish, and I leap onto him, knock him on the bed and rip his pants off him.  He has a big ol’ boner.  For the next two hours I abuse the muscles in my legs squeezing him, tossing him around, holding him in unnatural positions.  At some point we take a break and let room service bring the wine in.  Perfect timing.  We have a glass of wine, a little snack, and then he sprawls out on this faux fur throw that the ‘classy’ hotel leaves in the room to add that certain disco charm to the place.  He lays out on this fur thing and starts stroking it calling it Burt Reynolds.  He says that it makes him feel like Burt Reynolds.  I’m busting out laughing at this point, wine coming through my nose because this cute round white guy has a man crush on The Bandit, he is laying there on this fur rug imagining himself as the macho star.  It is adorable.  Playful and weird.  I can’t help but be taken into this silly scene.  I put my wine down and jump on top of him.  I try to wrap my legs around his middle but he is too round.  He suggests that I might be short and I poke him in the belly.  We roll around laughing  with me squeezing him and trying on wrestling holds, drinking wine, and having the occasional run in with the Burt Reynolds rug for another hour or so till I’m too tired to go on.  Time for you to go” I tell him.  He packs up his things and I pat him on the ass as he heads home.


I took a bath and got some sleep.  I was flooded with endorphins from the high energy fun.  It was sexy, it was silly, it involved Burt Reynolds.  What more could I want?

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