Amuse Me!

I’m cooped up in my flat writing and doing phone sex.  I’m getting kind of punchy.  I need an in person session.  I played last week, yes, this is true but I had been going to the titty bar all the time, getting hours and hours and hours of dirty sexy interaction with strangers and now I’m sitting and writing.


This is good, don’t get me wrong.  I was getting a little burnt out on the strip club scene.  When a form of sex work starts to feel irritating, I switch it up.  I am really enjoying phone sex on nite flirt.


I have had some of the hottest scenes in the last few days.  But I really want to go out and cause some trouble.  This is problematic for me.  I can only go out for a sexy time if I am making money.  This fun people have, simply for the sake of having a good time, that shit had to go a while back.  I’ll never meet deadlines with fun getting in my way.


I want to do something I have not done yet.  Here are some ideas:


Though I have been to an adult theater I have never been to the adult theater in New England.  Yes, there is one.  I know, exciting right?  I want to go there.  I love porn theaters.  I want to take a slutty bitch bottom and go have a hot semi-public encounter where I make him suck people off in the theater.  You want to have this time with me, right?  Yes you do.




There is a titty bar that has this amazing vip room.  It is (in my opinion) very reasonably priced.  They rent it for the whole night.  It is spacious and has a stripper pole.  Dancers and booze come with this, you have to tip the dancers and drink the booze.  What I would like to do is get a little bitch boy who wants to play stripperella for the night to rent the room, which is totally private, and spend the night entertaining me.  I’m open to the idea of several dommes and several stripperellas.  I really want to make a giant gender fuck out of the strip club experience.


I have never worked in this club, though I have been in it.  In my experience it is very easy to get away with things like ‘bitch boy dressed up like stripper and forced to dance on pole,’ if you look like a nice vanilla couple.  We could call and reserve the room, go there looking like a nice straight couple, get to the room and then find a dancer or three who want to help dress you up, put make up on you, show you how to dance on the stripper pole.  It will be such an exabitionisticly wonderful time.


This is not a session for a cheapskate.  It sounds like fun because it is.  If you are a slutty little sissy boy who has wanted to be a stripper, this is a great way to do it.  I will shove dollars in your panties, encourage you to do body shots, and show you how to clap your ass!  You know you want it.




I want to take a slave down Newberry street.  I’ll put you in a collar, attach a leash to you, and take you shopping.  I’ll get whatever I want for myself, of course, but I’ll find some silly things for you too, like a tight little neon number from American Apparel.  Put it on, prance around in the store and show it to everyone.  Does it make your ass look flat?  Oh yes.

Every time I have to go near that part of Boston I desire a wallet boy on a collar and a leash.  How can you live with yourself, knowing that I am needing this?


I need to play.  Email me and make it happen.

Wanna Talk About It?  Call Me On Niteflirt

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  1. Ever thought about giving a slave an enema with your shit, making hime put on a pair of your old used panties, then ordering him to squat down in front of you with the panties on and ordering him to fill them up with yuour shit? Turns me on!

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