An Office Job

So, yesterday I had a totally booked day, then one client canceled, and another took his place, booked an overnight, then my earlier client canceled, and I figured I could sleep in, but then I woke up to the phone ringing and Mr. replacement canceling. I was sad and a tad worried. I need money, I need a lot of money and I need it now. Three cancelations in one day. Fuck. This was not looking good.

I made a pot of tea and looked at the internet, hoping to confirm something profitable and imminent.

The phone range and it was a boy who sounded as horny as I was. So I drove my ass deep into the suburbs, got lost and a tad freaked out by fascism, and then I got to have a very sexy time toying with someone.

I only just met this person and I strolled into his professional and medium security office, dressed in what I consider professional office clothing, but with fishnets and nice shoes. I don’t own ugly practical office shoes.

As I walked in I noticed that everyone was looking at me like I was Joan on the show Mad Men. I have a certain strut to my walk. I have hips, I can’t help it. Yes I am good at it, but without the hips I might be able to prevent it. There is nothing I can do. I walk like a sex goddess.

He escorts me in past the geeks and office faced hags to an office with glass doors. People can see into our little private party. I love it. I unbutton my blouse and show some cleavage. I can see him start to panic a little. “Oh my gawd, stop that” he says. “Why, no one can see me, I have my back to the glass.” I ask about the beer behind him, he tells me that it is a special brew that only gets made twice a year, I tell him to open one, he gives me some line of shit about people seeing and I remind him that this is why I am here, so he might get caught.

I say something, I’m not even sure what but the word fuck is involved, I swear like a fucking sailor. I don’t even notice how mush I fucking swear. He says something about “the F bomb,” I think that is so funny, I’m like “what the fuck is the f bomb? Are you not an adult? Can’t you say fuck?” I’m amused by his concern for language, we are in his private office, but I’m a little too loud, a little too vulgar, a little too sexy. And his colleges have taken notice.

But that is why he called me, he wanted to push the boundaries and toy with getting caught. He didn’t want to get caught, and we didn’t, but he looked wicked nervous about the situation.

We went into a different office, a dull office, we turned out the lights, I was border with that office so we went back to his office but when we came out of the dark office there was some ‘office face’ there. A woman older than her years with the face of an over worked office employee. I made some comment about the company and the office environment and whatnot, but who knows what she heard. She was staring me right in the face, looking into my eyes calling me a whore without words. ‘Yeah, that’s right bitch. Take a look at the fun we are getting away with.’
We went back to his office and I sat down with the beer. He looked for an opener and I told him I was an expert beer opener. I can open a bottle with nothing. I looked around for fixtures first. He got impatient and went to the kitchen. I found a staple remover and popped the top. He came back and I was sipping beer with my legs on his desk.

I got out a dildo and put it on his desk. “Oh, my goodness, what if someone sees?” “No one is going to see, most people have gone home, but not Leslie, that bitch with a stick up her ass. He tells me she is noisy. There is nothing worse than a noisy office bitch.

I keep sipping the beer right out of the bottle with my leg up on his desk. I rub my stocking covered cunt. I act totally inappropriate for an office setting. I can tell he has a huge hard on, even though the barrier of the desk he is sitting behind. He looks terrified and turned on, like he might duck under the desk if anyone should approach his door.

Eventually we move to his bosses office, turn the lights off and hope that the busy body doesn’t notice that we are in there. I put on a strap on, he tells me he doesn’t like to suck dick. I figure he has put up with enough for the day so I don’t push it, but I really want to grab his hair and fuck his face till I come on his bosses desk. I love to have my dick sucked and I drove all the way the fuck out there to get a blow job. I wanted a good dick sucking, but no, whiny little bitch doesn’t like to suck cock. So I bend him over his bosses desk and slide my dick right in his ass.

Yep, right on his bosses desk. And he lets out a tiny little whimper, but he does not scream or shudder, or clamp down, he wants that dick. He takes the whole thing and I begin to pump, I’m just getting worked up, getting into it, the sexy time has just begun for me and bam, he comes, he is done, he is scared, he wants to get out of his bosses office.

We carefully clean up, I make him remove the nasty shit covered condom from my dick. We leave through the back door. We stop and use the men’s room. I use the urinal. I make a mess of it but enjoy my little piss party just the same.

Then I drive away. I assume he went home to pass out and tend to his ass.

I had a really awesome adventure. I hope I get invited back for a second interview or whatever fucking story he told his office mates.

Love me some office games.

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