Stood Up By A Little Boy. Maybe His Mother Will Comfort Him.

Why do people stand me up?

I have been in the smut business for so long. I like the connection that I get from people from real intimate interpersonal connection, but then people do stupid shit and stand me up. I have little patience for my time being wasted.

I am going back under my rock soon. Very soon.

Tonight I was expecting to have a very fantastic time with a little twink from boston. He said he likes smelly things and wanted to wash my laundry. I got way too excited. But then he didn’t show. And eventually he send a message about some sort of emergency at work, and then he said he was on his way, and then he just didn’t come.

An I put on make up and waited.

And I put on clothing and waited.

And still he didn’t come.

I am so over bitches who seem to not understand that this is rude and that they are not going to get anything more out of me.

I’m kind of sad, cause I wanted to like this one. I want to find cute ones who have skills I can use.

But being late and flakey and standing me up — this dude was clearly just fucking with my time. Why would he want to mess with my time like that? I have no idea. Maybe his girlfriend has something against me. Maybe I offended him at an event, maybe he is a pointless spineless cocksucker who has no sense of how to treat a lady right.

I’m blocking him and chocking it up for a good night with wine and chocolate. I’m not gonna deal with this shit again.

But he would have been the first person I met on fetlife for the reason of potentially making something good happen. And he has restored my distain for this website.

Also, I’m going back to my old policy of not seeing clients under 30.

You can thank this dude.

He seemed so nifty. I’m a sap, a sucker, and I’m gay. So why do I give two rats asses why some silly boy in a bow tie stands me up?

It still makes me sad. Time wasted, feeling hurt.

What a knucklehead, he had a chance to get into my world. That happens to very few people.

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