Fundraising for Lorelei Erisis — Get Out Your Wallets Bitches!

Many of you may know Lorelei, know of her, read about here, or had a chance to meet her at one of the events she frequents. I have known Lorelei for quite a long time. I helped her come out and transition back when she was playing the game of denial that many transpeople play. … Continue reading Fundraising for Lorelei Erisis — Get Out Your Wallets Bitches!


Providence Public Sessions through the end of the year. Niteflirt, often. CALL ME. WESTERN MASS Change Of Plans -- Tuesday December 11th. When I get there till I leave. few hours tops! Lorelei Erisis, Miss Trans New England 2009, will be available to do sessions with me In Providence December 26th - 29th. Don't Miss … Continue reading Availability

The John Waters Christmas Hustle

I got all worked up to meet John Waters. I’m used to Hollywood meet and greet events. If the general admission tx is $30 bucks and the meet and greet after party tix is $100 I naturally expect that there is a cocktail party after the fact. This seems like a basic thing to expect. … Continue reading The John Waters Christmas Hustle

Little Boy Strippers

I was drunk, I was in a jaded and bitter mood, but I was determined to make the most of this funny little town. So I went to the gay bar. And there were boy strippers. Three of them. In their panties. In their muscles. In their chucks. I got myself a drink and stack … Continue reading Little Boy Strippers