Driving Around, Cape Cod Bound, Then …

I’m heading to strip clubs tonight.

It is noon and I am awake. This really is a huge to do. I can’t usually be awake when the sun is up. It is the middle of my sleep cycle, so I might as well go put on some hooker make up and head to a club. But not all clubs hire same day around here. Some do, but not all.

Becasuse I know you want to come and play tonight here are my plans:

I’m hoping to be at Fantasies in Providence RI by 2:30 PM. I’m under the impression that when they hire dancers they don’t let you work the same day, so after that I’ll head to Zachary’s on the Cape (Mashpee I think). I’ll get lost, and I’ll be running late (because I always am), but hopefully they let me stay. I don’t expect them too. They are the only club on Cape Cod and I’m pretty sure they only hire in the winter, despite what the person on the phone told me. They only deal with new dancers until 5:00 PM so I aim to find the place before then. When they blow me off because there is no snow on the ground I’ll make a choice to head to The Gold Club in Groton CT, or to Worcester to check out the new mega-plex-uber-strip-club Emperors Palace. I assume that if I go there they will let me stay. They are a new club and I figure they need dancers. But it is new girl season, so if they tell me no, I’ll go give Hurricane Betty a try.

At this point I’m not sure which way I will go from the cape. If you want to meet up for a road side piss stop send me a text and I will call you back when I have a moment. If you want to wait till I figure out where I will be tonight, wait for me to update my twitter. Then jump in your car and bring me lots of money.

3 thoughts on “Driving Around, Cape Cod Bound, Then …

  1.   Hello, my name is Richard and find You to be exquisite. I have been following Your blogs and feel so bad that You are not being treated like a Real Goddess. Even more so, reading that You are so close to me now in Mass. but having to go to that pit of a bar, Zacharys. I felt the need to wish You well and start maybe an introduction. I am at work so this 1st attempt at contacting You must be brief, but am honest and would love to have You initiate me into some of Your pleasures. I have never worshiped the golden or submitted to certain more dominant desires You may demand. I do have ideas to treat You as You deserve. Please get back when You feel like it and good luck on Your pursuits.

    1. I’m heading to Gold Club in Groton CT today. I’ll be there most days through the first of June. I’ll be back in New England on the 7th. Come in and see me, or email me and schedule a session.

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