On Being a Fat Stripper

Let me start off by saying that I am not fat. I do not have a complex. I do not think I am fat. For the industry I am often considered to be fat. So, now you know.

My body is actually quite lovely. My measurements are 36D, 25,40. I have a tiny middle with visible abdominal mussels and a big juicy arse. People go crazy for it. Strippers ask about it, touch it, wish they had it. Customers in clubs love it. They all say ‘wow, that is a lot of ass’ and so does management.

Managers of strip clubs often have the most racist, sexist, classist value system when it comes to body types. They see my ass and assume that I am too big to work at the club. I might actually weigh less than some of the other dancers but because they are proportioned more evenly the managers don’t notice. All they see is my huge rump.

And it makes me a lot of money.

But the managers only see a white girl with a large rump. They have told me: ‘you have too much ass for a white girl,’ ‘your too thick,’ ‘come back when you loose 20 lbs.’ If I lost 20 lbs I would still have this big ass but I would be skin and bones everywhere else. I could drop 7 or 8 lbs without looking like Maria Shriver in the rear. If you have never seen this woman in person you might not know that her ass it totally out of proportion with the rest of her body. Think stick figure with a giant beach ball glued onto the rump. The rest of her seems to look like a normal human but she was also blessed by the ass gawds.

The first time a black man told me I had too much booty the dude was a strip club manager. I asked him if he preferred the Asian ladies or something. He told me that if I was black I could get away with this shape. But white girls are not allowed to have this much ass. It is against the rules. My ass is an outlaw!

If I were actually a fat stripper I might have heard that from a customer. Never once has a customer suggested that my ass is too big to be working in a club. It is big but I can fit through the door. I can fit into a bikini and look really pretty swell. Come see me dance soon. I’m obviously getting too old and too fat for this gig so my days are numbered. I have to go to work. I hope I don’t tip over from all this booty.







This is what I look like in the light of day. I had no idea my skin was so white.

8 thoughts on “On Being a Fat Stripper

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  1. Your personality is wild, and Your body is perfect; having kissed Your ass in dark ally i can also say that your ass is perfect too …. which reminds me that i am thirsty >;->

  2. You have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen, and it happens to be connected to the sexiest brain. Your ass was clearly made for worship. I wish I was kneeling at the altar right now!

  3. Too much ass? If your ass was really too big and if there was a way you could transfer all that fat into my ass, I would KILL to find a way to do so! Turn me into your she-male slave in the process! Since that can never happen in real life, keep it big so when we meet you can piss all over my cock while I French kiss your ass!

  4. Too much ass! I sure wish you could pump all that fat into my ass! I would kill to develop an ass like that!

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