Independence, Freedom, Paulo Freire and Me

I am not a huge fan of July 4th. Yes, independence from the english is always a day to be celebrated, fuck colonization. I choose to celebrate independence in ways that are not reflected by the culture in which I find myself living.

Instead of drinking too much and playing with explosives I generally tend to stay home and read. I avoid picnics and day people year round though today is THE DAY I avoid them even more than usual.

Today I am staying in and reading Paulo Freire. I can honestly think of no better way to honor a day that is ostensibly a day to celebrate freedom. Many people in this culture equate freedom with the day off from their tedious form of employment, with anti-terrorist patriotism, with shopping and the ability to ‘do whatever I want’ and it kind of makes me sick. Freedom is not something that I see much of from my jaded perspective. The freedom to think and read and be actively contributing to a more socially just world is sadly not something I see reflected in this culture.

Maybe I sound like I am brooding to you, though I assure you that I am not. I am taking the day to explore thoughts of what freedom is, what it is not, and what I might be able to do from my vampire cave to perpetuate actual freedom. Freedom from disinformation, freedom to speak, freedom to treat humans (and be treated) with dignity and kindness, freedom from oppressive hegemonic forces. This is a brutally unjust world we live in. I’m not really in the mood to drink too much and play with explosives in the name of freedom.

I do have nitflirt turned on though, so if by some strange possibility you are reading this and think “wow, I would love to pay her three bucks a minute to discuss freedom” — call me. (Yes, it is alright to laugh at the irony).

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