Dam Squatters, Stealing My Power!

I just opened a disconnect notice from the power company. I need $150 to pay my power bill, yesterday.

Someone spliced into my power and I noticed last week. The situation has kind of been dealt with — the box has been disconnected from the cord that was very close. But I found the end where it was getting plugged in, and I can see where the options are the other end of the Edison Snake.

I’m not sure what I should do about my power getting stolen. There is a buried power cord in the empty lot next door. Should I call the police, the landlord, the power company? Should I just follow it?

Wonder if it is the thief who broke into the house next door?

Looks like a little path is forming from that house on Claiborne.

So how do I deal with that?

I guess I should follow to power line and take them the disconnect notice. Maybe one of them has a trust fund. How much do they like having power?

2 thoughts on “Dam Squatters, Stealing My Power!

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  1. Greetings Widow,
    Sorry to here about your power issue. A simmiliar issue happened to a close friend in Galveston a few years ago. First contact the Power company they should launch an investigation. Let them take it from there. They will work with you about the bill. Unlike
    my friend in Galveston yours isn’t so complicated, the thieves in his case stole from multiple residents over a staggering amount of time. Complex. Don’t trigger them leaving by confrontation! Further detail at your request..All the best.

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