I’m In It For The Money!

I have a lot of people ask me to do my job for free. I had a few very nice conversations on niteflirt with some dude last week. He asked me if he could email me, so I told him how to find my contact info, then after communicating with me to ask for IT help he suggested that he would “try to stay in touch and send you random things” as though I need more random things in my life. He sent me a photo and asked me to send him one. If I were a nice normal girl this might be appropriate but there are thousands of photos of me on the interweb surely one of them is what you want to see, no?
I realize that not everyone understands that I work for a living. Yes I like to have pleasant conversations, yes I am quite good at keeping up my end of the conversation, but once you hang up the phone I get back to my regularly scheduled program. I have a bunch of writing that I am stalling on. I’m still healing from surgery. Sometimes I am woken up by niteflirt and I take the call if at all possible because I need money.
It is not cheap or easy to be me. If it were everyone would do it. I answer niteflirt because it is the main way I am currently paying my bills. Yes, I like niteflirt but is is still work. I do it because I need money. I am in the mood to play and I am just about well enough to go out and play, but I will expect to get paid to play with you. No money no honey. Why am I constantly bombarded with requests for honey without money? I am a sex worker and have been for a long time. I am working on transitioning to a different profession but its not an easy gig to escape from. I’m constantly comparing what I make in a ‘real’ job to what I could make doing sex work. Even when it is slow it is decent and when it is good it is really fucking good. I spent most of last year working to pay off a rather oppressive debt. And I paid it off. So thanks for all the advice about how to do my job folks — thanks for the nasty snide remarks and the dick pics. Thanks for thinking that we are friends after a few short chit-chats on a pay to talk website — this is how I know I am very good at talking for a living. And I appreciate the good conversationalists who call me, really I do, but it is how I pay my bills so yes — it is work.
Whenever people ask me to work for free I’m always a bit put off. If I have known you for a very long time, if you have been a loyal client, if you pay for everything all the time and never bitch about it — yeah sure maybe I’ll play with you for free once in a while and maybe I will become your friend; but if we don’t know one another very well and you start in with a song and dance routine about how you can’t pay me I feel inspired to remind you that I am a lesbian. Not a lipstick lesbian but a full blown leather dyke.
Like so many people in the world, I work because I need money. I could be hurt or offended by the constant barrage of hate mail calling me a slew of names that are neither creative nor accurate. I could lose sleep over the idea that I am ‘not a real dominatrix,’ but rather a pro. I could be scared of the permissible violence that permeates our cultural consciousness around issues of sex work. I could panic and freak out about so many things that are going on but I just go about my business and try not to worry about people who want to throw stones. I think I”m gonna go back to the strip clubs soon. I’m getting kind of lonely.

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  1. Keep in touch and I will do the same! Sent a small tribute today and will continue to do so if you keep in touch! Curious do you get paid if I only call and talk? If so I can call more often!
    Slave Kelly from NiteFlirt

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