My New Kink — Giantess Fetish!

Recently I developed a new kink. I became excited about giantess fetish. The idea of shrinking men down into tiny little things — making them the size of a doll, or a dildo, or the size of a bug. Shrinking them and then doing things to men that you really can’t do to full size humans — things like inserting them into my vagina like a tampon, or sucking on them like candy.
Sometimes when I am walking along and I feel a little pinch in my sock I imagine that it is a tiny little man trapped in there. I wiggle my toes around and imagine squishing him with the sweat and toe jam that might be in my sock.
Yeah, that’s what I am thinking about when I am on stage at clubs. I think about keeping them as little pets and filling up a little doll house full of tiny men. It’s a funny game.
Sometimes my cat brings lizards into the house and plays with them until they die. When I see her doing that I imagine that she found a little tiny man who tried to escape. That the cat is really battering a tiny man, throwing him in the air, pouncing on him.
I assume I will start to make smutty videos with little dolls soon. Since this is a game of fantasy I can only amuse myself with toys and talking dirty — so I started a new niteflirt line dedicated to giantess fetish. I often put my camera on the floor anyway, giving the viewer a long look up at me, creating the illusion of them being at my feet staring up at my very large and powerful frame.
Are you a tiny little man? Do you secretly want me to shrink you down and keep you as my pet? Call me on niteflirt and I’ll shrink you with my ray guns, my magical giantess arse, or give you a shrinking pill that will make you very small indeed.

Call Me On Niteflirt

with ray guns

One thought on “My New Kink — Giantess Fetish!

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  1. First use Your ray gun on my ass so it poofs out like this:

    Then use it to make me smaller! I’m 6’4″ and have always dreamed of a Dominatrix shrinking me to make me submit!

    Then make me the size of a maxi pad, put me into Your panties and “accidently” wet them!

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