Make Hay While The Sun Shines!

I ended up living on a farm. An urban farm in New Orleans. I became an accidental farm manager. A month ago I didn’t even know how to pick up a chicken. Now I care for 30 of them every day.

I can see how it might seem unusual for a dominatrix to become a farmer, but it seems like a wonderful healthy thing to do. And now I actually need slaves!

This week more than next week, as in right this instant I need some bitches to build a fence, pick up a bee hive and transport it, help me acquire a goat. I also need smaller more general tasks like fixing a few things on the farm, cleaning, weeding, etc. So if you don’t know how to move a beehive, don’t worry — there is plenty to do.

I need to be clear about this — I am not looking to keep you chained up naked while you are on a farm of pervs. This is an actual working farm with vanilla folks who don’t want to see you rolling in the compost nude. If you have a fantasy where I take you down with a pitchfork, strip you naked, and put you in a little cage — that is nice, you can tell me that, but don’t tell anyone else on the farm as most of the folks around do not need to know.
I am more or less working a huge farming project alone. I need some folks to help get things done. You don’t need to be submissive — if you are interested in working on a farm, come help. If you have farm experience or not, if you are looking for a small farm to help build your dream of becoming an urban farmer, if you just want to learn to grow things — if you want to help, can take direction, and complete a project — contact me. The farm is in a state of transition and I need folks to help. If you are submissive, great! Say so, maybe I will slap you on the buns as you work.

This is a general call for farm hands. Sadly, I have no budget to pay anyone so everything is on a volunteer basis for now. Hopefully that will change soon and if you have been helpful you will be at the top of the list when funding becomes available.  If you are seeking my professional services I can offer a partial work trade. If you have farm experience that is wonderful, if you have never been on a farm but would like to learn about sustainable urban agriculture send me an email right away.

The very first thing I need to deal with is the building of a fence. It is not a complicated ordeal — It should take a few hours. I have all the supplies and tools I just need a couple folks to help. I hope to have it erected before Wednesday afternoon.

If you are anywhere near New Orleans stop creeping on my blog and come be part of my strange and ever changing world.

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  1. would like to discuss your work/trade option. Have experience in farming & ranching studied extensively during and after high school.Still raise animals on the side here,part of my duties as local social worker to community projects.Don’t deal with bees that a professional’s job.If you have time lets chat. Thanks Louis

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