I’m in New Orleans and this weekend DomCon is too. I should be excited, but with the things that are really going on in this town right now I am finding little enthusiasm for dressing up and spanking old ass white guys.  I am looking forward to seeing some friends I have not seen in a long time, possibly playing with a couple folks, and maybe the mood will strike me to do something wacky. My life is complicated. I’ll be around the Leather by Danny booth most of the time I am at the event. I am available for sessions. Come find me and we can do something smutty. Bring me something to be excited about.

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  1. Sorry I won’t be in town but would have loved to have stopped by! I would have brought something for you to be excited about: The largest maxi pad in my panties and some Ben Franklins for you to take me into the bathroom, let me wipe your ass with my balls and then let you soak the maxi pad with your pee and then ordered me to stay in it the entire convention! Let me know when you plan on being in Las Vegas and we can meet up!

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