Flatulence Fetish

I have been so out of money lately that I have been living on beans. Consequently, I have the most explosive and stinky gas. Every couple minutes a loud rank fart comes thundering through my cheeks. They smell so bad the cat went into the other room.

If you are a fart fetishist you should get over here and smell my nasty stench. Bring your face over, I’ll sit on it and fart all day. Be my chair.

This gas is terrible. I expect it will be pretty bad tomorrow, probably through Mardi Gras Day even. I just put another pot of beans on.

I love farting while facesitting. Come make me happy today!

One thought on “Flatulence Fetish

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  1. Talked with You on nightflirt about a fetish of mine: have You sit in a tub when You are gassy and full an inverted pail with Your gas. Then take a pump and pump Your 100% pure farts into my butt. My challenge is to hold it in while You slowly pump more and more into me until I fart it out and have to breathe it deeply. Each time I fart out Your gas I pay you! Will let You know if I am in the area so we can meet or if You are traveling let me know so we can make this happen! Got a massive hard on just typing this!
    Pete AKA slave kelly

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