Sex Workers Art Show!

Support Sex Workers! Support Art! Come to the Sex Workers Art Show! I am performing a new monologue. It is from the new one woman show I have been working on. If you are in New Orleans, please come out to the bywater to watch this show. The St Claude Art Space 3116 St Claude... Continue Reading →

Flatulence Fetish

I have been so out of money lately that I have been living on beans. Consequently, I have the most explosive and stinky gas. Every couple minutes a loud rank fart comes thundering through my cheeks. They smell so bad the cat went into the other room. If you are a fart fetishist you should... Continue Reading →

Zombies, Always More Zombies

This life thing everyone keeps telling me I am supposed to have, it isn’t working out for me. Folks say adulating is hard, they say that you are supposed to stand up for what you believe in and that you should get an education — I do stand up for what I believe in and... Continue Reading →

Three Hundred Years of Sex Work

On the 19th and 24th of January the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) staged two separate sets of raids that pulled the liquor licenses of most of the strip clubs on Bourbon Street. The news suggested that they were looking for human traffickers, but shockingly none were discovered. Hundreds of people are out of work.... Continue Reading →

My Cunt, Today

I want to be able to go have sex or at least rub one out, but my cunt is ripped apart. Sitting is painful. Getting off could potentially end in a trip to the emergency room. I wonder how long it will take to heal. I’m super sore and, right now, pretty concerned too. I... Continue Reading →

I Miss My Boyfriend

I wrote this last year. I'm working it into a show. I miss my boyfriend. Ok, he really isn’t my boyfriend. He hasn’t been my boyfriend in a year or so, but we still skype every day. He still says he loves me. He says we will run away together and open a yoga retreat.... Continue Reading →

Death or Kundalini

Written May 2017 Feeling well enough to share now.   Several years ago I put a video on youtube called ‘Widow Centauri is sick’ and I was very ill at the time. Had been for a number of years. I had every medical test possible done, save for a spinal tap — I was perfectly... Continue Reading →


  Last night I was huddled up next to my only space heater, I thought about the inherent privilege in the idea of getting what you want. Dude was probably being nice when he said I hope you get everything you want in 2018 but I sat there thinking about what the word want implies,... Continue Reading →

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