I Fucked The Plumber

I laid there waiting for hours, masturbating, wondering “what if the plumber is hot” imagining that the dude who was coming to fix my toilet was gonna be a GQ model, expecting him to be an old fat while plumber — but then he wasn’t bad. He showed up at 10PM and I asked him... Continue Reading →

The Left Shoe Bandit!

I cry when I tell people how much it hurts when people who I care about tell me that I am too weird to be part of their lives. I actually cry. I have been told that I don’t fit in and that I am too much for people to handle and thus need to... Continue Reading →

In The Mood

A little update — just cause I have not been posting here much. You may or may may not know that I had surgery a couple months back. I wish I had spent the healing time wisely: resting, doing PT, and writing. Sadly, I spent most of my time eating pork products and watching films.... Continue Reading →

I Just Had An Orgasm …

That left me shivering and cold. Sobbing and hyperventilating.  Completely overwhelmed.  But the orgasm didn’t really feel that strong.  It felt kind of alright.  I have only had a couple orgasms since I came to New England ten days ago to deal with my things, deal with the life I ran away from.  Before I... Continue Reading →

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras! I’m in New Orleans until further notice. In October I went to Alaska and when I came home it appeared as though my life had gone to shit. My neighbor had seriously upped the dysfunction in the building. There were bedbugs all over near her downstairs unit, then she set off a... Continue Reading →

More Fun — and Toilet Paper.

So earlier in the week a wanker contacted me with a seemingly real proposition. We made a plan to meet up Thursday afternoon, but I was dealing with several other thursday appointments that I was trying to squeeze him in the middle of. No real shocker — wanker turned out to be a phony time... Continue Reading →

Save My Fat Ass

Most of July I spent inside, suffering from the first real migraine I have had in over a year. It was brought on by stress. I fell down. I was sick. I could not cope with the smells and sounds and lights. July was a miserable month for me. Consequently I worked three days. I... Continue Reading →

Slightly Less Hostile

I am feeling slightly less hostile this week. I’m not sure why. I went to the Gold Club and stayed in a hotel for two nights. I worked three shifts in a row. First night was horrible. I was glad I thought to bring money for the room cause there was no one in the... Continue Reading →

I Have Food, This is Good

After reading my rant, sure as shit, some bitches came climbing out of the wood work all butt hurt saying “I’m a regular, no?” My response of ‘who is this?’ Didn’t exactly please them. There is no fighting the fact that I am in a bad mood. I have all these big plans but every... Continue Reading →

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