Little Boy Strippers

I was drunk, I was in a jaded and bitter mood, but I was determined to make the most of this funny little town. So I went to the gay bar. And there were boy strippers. Three of them. In their panties. In their muscles. In their chucks. I got myself a drink and stack … Continue reading Little Boy Strippers

Tips for Keeping Your Pussy Healthy

One of the best things about being a sexpert is that sometimes my childhood friends will ask me for sex advice. I dislike a lot of needy email but when people I care about trust me with their secrets I feel all warm and cozy, like I have done something useful with my life. Today … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Your Pussy Healthy

Public Piss On The Strip!

On my way into Vegas he called. A piss boy I haven’t seen in years. He said he was in Henderson. “Meet me on the strip right now” I told him. In an hour I was sitting across from my old friend at the Wynn. I sat there drinking water, more water, more water still. … Continue reading Public Piss On The Strip!

Three Pissing Scenes

Thanks to the massive budget cuts that the California state school system is in the midst of, I had a ten-day furlough season.  I thought I could stick around and take care of the things I need to take care of or I could head to New England.  You might know how much I loathe … Continue reading Three Pissing Scenes

No Pizza, No Beer, No Politics

I went out to pick up a pizza last night and ended up getting kicked out of the pizza place.  When I called for delivery they explained to me that it would take almost two ours but I could pick it up in 20 minutes.  I was fucking hungry so I said, “I’ll come get … Continue reading No Pizza, No Beer, No Politics

Pissing on Corporate America!

I met a new clients for a spanking session and then I turned my phone on and posted my availability for public ruby showers. If you are not familiar with ruby showers they are a little like golden showers but there is blood involved. I bleed really heavily for two days tops, then I have … Continue reading Pissing on Corporate America!

Dirty Porn, Sleazy Men, and My Status As “Real”

Last night something almost hot happened. I figured I had better bring you up to speed otherwise you might think I am being grumpy if I just tell you how many ways this town stinks. So I go to my corner dive bar to meet up with a fellow student and get some good drinking … Continue reading Dirty Porn, Sleazy Men, and My Status As “Real”

The Fight

What are friends?  I used to think I knew. Recently I went to NOLA to visit my friend Lolo and little Debbie, not to be confused with Debbie.  When I had had just about enough of the bullshit that makes LA so wonderful I got a little tipsy and bought one-way greyhound bus tickets to … Continue reading The Fight

Okay, I Don’t Know How To Spell Vato or Chola — I’m White!

Easter night I went to the Faultline at something like 3 in the afternoon. I started out by drinking beer but when you have a seven foot tall transsexual dressed in a bright yellow dress with you in a club packed with hard bodies gay men you rapidly move to hard liquor. Gin and tonic, … Continue reading Okay, I Don’t Know How To Spell Vato or Chola — I’m White!