Slightly Less Hostile

I am feeling slightly less hostile this week. I’m not sure why. I went to the Gold Club and stayed in a hotel for two nights. I worked three shifts in a row. First night was horrible. I was glad I thought to bring money for the room cause there was no one in the... Continue Reading →

Old, Fat, Jaded Bitch!

I told a guy in a strip club about the fact that my dead husband invented the electronic cigarette, right before he died. Sadly he kicked the bucked and didn’t manage to get the patent on it. Every time I see one of them things I want to shove it down the throat of the... Continue Reading →

A Rant

I’m just gonna bitch about my life for a second and you, dear reader, will either read it, ignore it, label me an entitled little while girl and move on, or whatever the fuck you want. Who knows maybe it will be your favorite and you will print it out and send it to people... Continue Reading →

The John Waters Christmas Hustle

I got all worked up to meet John Waters. I’m used to Hollywood meet and greet events. If the general admission tx is $30 bucks and the meet and greet after party tix is $100 I naturally expect that there is a cocktail party after the fact. This seems like a basic thing to expect.... Continue Reading →

Little Boy Strippers

I was drunk, I was in a jaded and bitter mood, but I was determined to make the most of this funny little town. So I went to the gay bar. And there were boy strippers. Three of them. In their panties. In their muscles. In their chucks. I got myself a drink and stack... Continue Reading →

I Have Heard it All, Twice.

Wankers.  Don’t be one.   A wanker is someone who calls and messes with you, doesn’t have money, schedules appointments that they don’t intend to keep, cancels and does it again and again and keeps asking to reschedule, or otherwise wasting the time of sex workers.   Recently I made the silly mistake of booking... Continue Reading →

Can You Afford My Rates?

I am not a very good dominatrix. I am not stern, I am not mean, I would rather you could entertain yourself. To watch you like a babysitter, to get dressed up, put on make up, the attitude that goes into “being a dominatrix,” drinking copious amount of water, not writing my thesis, not writing... Continue Reading →

Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

I have been having much fun in Las Vegas. Last night I had an overnight session that included the yoga + breakfast option that I advertise. Seems like people are always afraid to come to yoga with me. I love the shit. Do you think you are too fat? Too old? Too stiff? Well Mark... Continue Reading →

Public Piss On The Strip!

On my way into Vegas he called. A piss boy I haven’t seen in years. He said he was in Henderson. “Meet me on the strip right now” I told him. In an hour I was sitting across from my old friend at the Wynn. I sat there drinking water, more water, more water still.... Continue Reading →

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