Zombies, Always More Zombies

This life thing everyone keeps telling me I am supposed to have, it isn’t working out for me. Folks say adulating is hard, they say that you are supposed to stand up for what you believe in and that you should get an education — I do stand up for what I believe in and... Continue Reading →

Dam Squatters, Stealing My Power!

I just opened a disconnect notice from the power company. I need $150 to pay my power bill, yesterday. Someone spliced into my power and I noticed last week. The situation has kind of been dealt with — the box has been disconnected from the cord that was very close. But I found the end... Continue Reading →


This morning my landlord came to my door as I was drinking my second beer. “It’s already the tenth” he told me, as the scene from the Big Lebowski played out on my doorstep I promised him I would “slide the rent under his door by the end of the week” knowing full well that... Continue Reading →

More Fun — and Toilet Paper.

So earlier in the week a wanker contacted me with a seemingly real proposition. We made a plan to meet up Thursday afternoon, but I was dealing with several other thursday appointments that I was trying to squeeze him in the middle of. No real shocker — wanker turned out to be a phony time... Continue Reading →

Asshole Tax

After I post about needing a little bit more for rent, someone sends a text, says he wants to shoot pool and have a beer. I get ready and go to the expected meeting spot. I’m on time, which is kind of amazing considering the round the way adventure I had getting there. He sends... Continue Reading →

Wankers on My Phone

I spent ten hours sleeping today. I was sleeping like a drug addict. I spent about two days awake, maybe. I was awake all weekend. I could look at my personal diary and see when I woke up, when I went to sleep. My life has become the sort of life where I must keep... Continue Reading →

The Entitlement of Day People

If you have been reading my blog and are wondering what they hell is up with my pissed off attitude lately I’m here to answer your burning itchy question. A bunch of shit is irking me. It’s not really your fault, dear reader, though I’m sure that my random diatribe might suggest otherwise. Don’t get... Continue Reading →

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