Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

I have been having much fun in Las Vegas. Last night I had an overnight session that included the yoga + breakfast option that I advertise. Seems like people are always afraid to come to yoga with me. I love the shit. Do you think you are too fat? Too old? Too stiff? Well Mark … Continue reading Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

San Francisco

San Francisco My father lives in the city.  I come here as often as I can but I always have to entertain the reality that I am in close proximity to the family.  He is stressful, as family members are apt to be.  I finally got through the part of my adventure that required me … Continue reading San Francisco

I’m Gonna Post it to Craigslist

I’m in San Diego for a few more months.  I’m in and out of town as often as I can get out.  I’m not happy here.  I’m a hardcore pervert living in a conservative environment. I am kinky as hell.  I have a penchant for public water sports.  I am a mean demanding dominatrix. I’m … Continue reading I’m Gonna Post it to Craigslist

Good News Everyone!

Last night started in a most ominous fashion.  The tweaker, who I have been attempting to employ to bring my desk out of the driveway and into my apartment, above the garage, flaked again.  Making this day ten or twelve that my giant desk lingers in the driveway baiting the landlord (who lives in the … Continue reading Good News Everyone!

“Men’s” Sexuality

I am sitting in a coffee house in San Francisco.  I’m reading Foucault and sipping matte but switching to Guinness.  Usually, in socal, when people see what I am reading they back away intimidated.  Here I get “wow – that is heavy stuff” and a conversation about sociology, drugs, yoga, and politics.  The people behind … Continue reading “Men’s” Sexuality


I have a married friend who has a cheating husband.  He is a real sleaze ball.  He ran her credit into the ground, mooched off her for a decade, knocked her up and now he wants a divorce so he can go play his silly games with younger women.  GRRRRR.  He should watch his back.  … Continue reading Cheating

Kinky is Normal

The cover of Psychology Today has a picture of a dominatrix on the cover.  The copy reads “Twisted? … 7 taboos that are perfectly natural.”   I grab it hoping that we are finally being treated as normal people by the American Psychiatric Association.  Not that I care what a bunch of shrinks think of me … Continue reading Kinky is Normal

How To Turn Your Boyfriend into Your Girlfriend

  How To Turn Your Boyfriend into Your Girlfriend   This paper is going to outline how to take your average, run of the mill, XY chromosome, genetic male and turn him into a shemale -- a non-operational transsexual woman! Let me start by saying that this is by no means a joke or something … Continue reading How To Turn Your Boyfriend into Your Girlfriend

The Fight

What are friends?  I used to think I knew. Recently I went to NOLA to visit my friend Lolo and little Debbie, not to be confused with Debbie.  When I had had just about enough of the bullshit that makes LA so wonderful I got a little tipsy and bought one-way greyhound bus tickets to … Continue reading The Fight