I Fucked The Plumber

I laid there waiting for hours, masturbating, wondering “what if the plumber is hot” imagining that the dude who was coming to fix my toilet was gonna be a GQ model, expecting him to be an old fat while plumber — but then he wasn’t bad. He showed up at 10PM and I asked him... Continue Reading →

In The Mood

A little update — just cause I have not been posting here much. You may or may may not know that I had surgery a couple months back. I wish I had spent the healing time wisely: resting, doing PT, and writing. Sadly, I spent most of my time eating pork products and watching films.... Continue Reading →

Fix That, Buy This — Gimme!

I’m pissing in the bathtub for the rest of the night because my toilet is having a fit. It just keeps draining. I have jiggled the handle and gone into the tank, the toilet is just whining. I need this fixed asap. Additionally: My fridge is trying to die I need hurricane supplies and information... Continue Reading →

Lovers and Business

I do this horrible thing to my lovers.  I try to turn them into business partners.  It is what ultimately ruins y relationships.  I pretty much work all the time.  It is hard as a freelance artist to put your work away at the end of the day.  I applaud those of you who can... Continue Reading →

Getting To Know Me

I have been getting a lot of requests that say things like “I want to get to know you” and “I want to know what is going on with you” and “I have to pay you? But I want to spend time with you and really get to know you.” Bollocks! I spend a lot... Continue Reading →

Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

I have been having much fun in Las Vegas. Last night I had an overnight session that included the yoga + breakfast option that I advertise. Seems like people are always afraid to come to yoga with me. I love the shit. Do you think you are too fat? Too old? Too stiff? Well Mark... Continue Reading →

My First Gang Bang

Las Vegas. I don’t like it there. I’m going back though because crazy sexy good times happened. Lots of them. Every day some new sexy thing happened. I shot some piss porn with Taylor St.Claire, I peed on a lot of boys in very public places, and I had my first gang bang. The gang... Continue Reading →

This Place Is So Weird

Vegas is like a giant 24 hour Wal-Mart with booze. It attracts the lowest common denominator of American white trash. People who go out in booty shorts and flip flops with giant acrylic fingernails adhered to their finger tips so as to look classy. This place is a freak show. I never really liked Vegas.... Continue Reading →

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