DomCon LA — Today Only!

I'm in LA for DomCon today.  I'm in the mood to play. I need work of any kind so if you want to play or shoot me today is a good day to make that happen. When you see me with my gallon of water, say hello.  I have to pee.  Be my toilet! Widow … Continue reading DomCon LA — Today Only!

The Business of Professional Domination

I am teaching The Business of Professional Domination at Dungeon Servitius in downtown San Diego Saturday September 19th at 6:00 PM.  A party follows.  It’s just ten bucks to get so come. This is one of my favorite workshops.  I love to teach business, whip out my graphs, stats, and show off my way too … Continue reading The Business of Professional Domination

Pissing on Corporate America!

I met a new clients for a spanking session and then I turned my phone on and posted my availability for public ruby showers. If you are not familiar with ruby showers they are a little like golden showers but there is blood involved. I bleed really heavily for two days tops, then I have … Continue reading Pissing on Corporate America!

DomCon 2009

I got to Domcon on Friday afternoon.  I ended up at the party having a great time.  I was in a silly mood. I dressed at Little Miss Muffet, I found a face tuffet, had a seat, and chatted with Irene Boss for a good while the tuffet boy struggled to breathe.  ☺ The conversation … Continue reading DomCon 2009

A Late Night, Drinking, Yard Sale! — Friday the 20th

It is Friday night and it is also the first night I have had to sit in my own apartment and have several glasses of wine in over two weeks. I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I want to become.  Graduate school, especially a Masters program that should lead to a … Continue reading A Late Night, Drinking, Yard Sale! — Friday the 20th

Kinky Sexy Sandy Eggo

SM 101 was great – a good sized group of people showed up though most of them had been playing since before I had been born.  A 101 class was not really what they needed.  The class ended up being something more of a discussion of kink politics, and boobies.  I love both! After the … Continue reading Kinky Sexy Sandy Eggo

SM 101 and a Private Play Party! — Jan 17th

I’m teaching SM 101 at Dungeon Servitus on Saturday the 17th at 6:00 PM.  The play party that follows is a private party for workshop attendees only.  If you have been wanting to see me in San Diego, or you are simply curious about BDSM come to this workshop.  I’m seriously excited to get dressed … Continue reading SM 101 and a Private Play Party! — Jan 17th

Sex Workshops

I'm teaching my series of workshops at Dungeon Servitus in San Diego.  The first one is Dress Up For Sex and it's just in tie for Halloween!  The 25th of October.  Visit the dungeons website for more information about attending my awesome workshops.  And be sure you click the workshops button on the top of … Continue reading Sex Workshops