Fuck The Patriarchy — Where Are The Scissors?

My flight was at 6 Am. The first train to logan was at 530. I spent the night in the airport with Lorelei. I got in a wheelchair and was wheeled to my gate. I took a sleeping pill and woke up in LA at 11 AM. I went to the post office. I was … Continue reading Fuck The Patriarchy — Where Are The Scissors?

Dr Pee

I left the club at 1:00 in the morning. I called to confirm and headed to Boston. I grew up in hospitals, my mother was a nurse. most people dislike hospitals, I love them, I love the way they smell. antiseptic. clean, like the smell of disease, washed away. it reminds me of my home. … Continue reading Dr Pee

Prepare To Enter …

I have been heading to the strip club a lot lately. Most of the time things are sexy, yet timid. I dance for some strangers, make a little money, dance on the pole, and get home in time to make it to six am yoga. Last night was by far the strangest night I have … Continue reading Prepare To Enter …

The Review wiggles Wrote on Max Fitch

The other night I had a very hot public humiliation session with a boy known as wiggles on maxfitch.  The morning after this was posted on the Max Fitch Review Board.  I was going to write about the sexy time myself but then I thought I would just post what he wrote.  Thanks for the … Continue reading The Review wiggles Wrote on Max Fitch

San Francisco

San Francisco My father lives in the city.  I come here as often as I can but I always have to entertain the reality that I am in close proximity to the family.  He is stressful, as family members are apt to be.  I finally got through the part of my adventure that required me … Continue reading San Francisco

Coming Out

I generally think that coming out is a bad idea.  Anytime you have to articulate your identity you are giving credence to the ideology of heteronormative behavior.  When was the last time someone came out to you as straight? Coming out presupposes a world of coerced conformity. A world where nuclear, heterosexual, two person, monogamous … Continue reading Coming Out

Driving up hwy 101

I'm gonna go to San Francisco tomorrow, Tuesday 12/22.  I don't have enough money for gas.  I have a few gallons of water.  I'll drink them, then I'll have to piss.  I'm taking the 101.  Are you a thirsty toilet boy on my way?  Call me / text me.  I'll pull over and take a … Continue reading Driving up hwy 101

Queer Advocates in Public Schools?

I’m angry.  I’m angry at a system that is designed to entrap it’s citizens, to coerce conformity, and to expect heteronormative behavior without questioning the underlying presuppositions of this one-sided way of life. Last week a young person came into my life needing help.  I made phone calls to the father of this young person.  … Continue reading Queer Advocates in Public Schools?

Thanksgiving is when you find out what your family is made of

The night before thanksgiving I was settling down for a bottle of wine and 30 library books when the phone rang.  It was a young relative in tears.  Seems this person was chased out by zirs father in a tirade of bigoted, homophobic slander. I drove to the suburbs to rescue this teen, certain that … Continue reading Thanksgiving is when you find out what your family is made of