Fundraising for Lorelei Erisis — Get Out Your Wallets Bitches!

Many of you may know Lorelei, know of her, read about here, or had a chance to meet her at one of the events she frequents. I have known Lorelei for quite a long time. I helped her come out and transition back when she was playing the game of denial that many transpeople play.... Continue Reading →

Santa Barbara Wednesday

I'll be in Santa Barbara Wednesday April 28th to give a lecture on kinky sex at the LGBTQQIIK & GQ conference at UCSB.  I'm wildly excited about the event. See you in Santa Barbara!

Coming Out

I generally think that coming out is a bad idea.  Anytime you have to articulate your identity you are giving credence to the ideology of heteronormative behavior.  When was the last time someone came out to you as straight? Coming out presupposes a world of coerced conformity. A world where nuclear, heterosexual, two person, monogamous... Continue Reading →

Sexual Anomie

The forced heteronormative expectations that we see in society foments in sexual culture, or rather in the void that represents sexual culture to us in the states.  We have a culture of silence, a culture that suggests that any sex is dangerous sex.  This anti-sex doctrine is being beaten into our youth through abstinence education... Continue Reading →

Queer Advocates in Public Schools?

I’m angry.  I’m angry at a system that is designed to entrap it’s citizens, to coerce conformity, and to expect heteronormative behavior without questioning the underlying presuppositions of this one-sided way of life. Last week a young person came into my life needing help.  I made phone calls to the father of this young person. ... Continue Reading →

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