Happy Alcoholidaze

I went out at noon expecting to interrogate an old fat man in a staples and be done in an hour, home to my pot of tea. But during the game I said, “take me shopping,” and then I had him pushing me in an office chair that made me feel every bit Queen Carlota.... Continue Reading →

Forced Feeding

This dude thinks he is a special someone. He is a needy little subbie. He thinks he is a slave. He has been asking me to play with his for a while and I keep blowing him off. So the other morning he called just as I was ready to get to work. He asked... Continue Reading →

Day Two: Public Blowjob

I met a bitch who I have seen before.  We met in a quiet, cozy, charming New England tea house.  There were people sitting right behind us.  They were chatting, I was a little too loud.  I talked about pissing and dildos.  At one point they stopped talking because they had clearly overheard something that... Continue Reading →

Writing a Story a Day In November

This is my birthday present to myself.  All of November will be spent writing.   I sent some random boy (who I have been wanting to have some more hot sex with) my url today.  It happens that sometimes people get involved in my sexy adventure and do not have the slightest clue who I... Continue Reading →

Why I Work As A Stripper

I’m well educated and I have a really nice middle class job.  So why in the hell do I work in seedy bars half naked doing dirty things with strange men for money?  Because I like it.   I like the rush I get from meeting you in a dimly lit bar, with music so... Continue Reading →

The Strip Club

I took most of last week off. I was feeling a little burnt out, but not done. I stayed in and worked on my thesis. I’m heading out to the club tonight, and Thursday. I have been doing a lot of thinking about how come I’m hanging out in a strip club. I have been... Continue Reading →

A Pervert Walks into a Bar

He came into see me, I brought a bag of toys with me, I strolled into this VIP lounge decorated with fake palm trees and cheap sofas. “Sit on the couch” I tell him. I get out a couple lengths of rope, I hog tie him face down at the foot of the sofa. “There... Continue Reading →

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