San Francisco

San Francisco My father lives in the city.  I come here as often as I can but I always have to entertain the reality that I am in close proximity to the family.  He is stressful, as family members are apt to be.  I finally got through the part of my adventure that required me … Continue reading San Francisco

I’m Gonna Post it to Craigslist

I’m in San Diego for a few more months.  I’m in and out of town as often as I can get out.  I’m not happy here.  I’m a hardcore pervert living in a conservative environment. I am kinky as hell.  I have a penchant for public water sports.  I am a mean demanding dominatrix. I’m … Continue reading I’m Gonna Post it to Craigslist

“Men’s” Sexuality

I am sitting in a coffee house in San Francisco.  I’m reading Foucault and sipping matte but switching to Guinness.  Usually, in socal, when people see what I am reading they back away intimidated.  Here I get “wow – that is heavy stuff” and a conversation about sociology, drugs, yoga, and politics.  The people behind … Continue reading “Men’s” Sexuality

Public Ruby Shower?

I am on my way out the door and I start bleeding all over myself.  Sexy  thick dark blood.  It shoots down my legs and gets all over my shoes.  I have no choice I have to strip, shower and start over with my morning.  Then I realize that I have a huge chunk of … Continue reading Public Ruby Shower?

Bikram Buddy?

The sweat drips down my skin It gets in my yes Sometimes I stick out my tongue and lick the sweat off my breasts, upside-down. The deep stretch The sensation of tightening muscles in my groin I have come in several of the Bikram poses -- camel, half locust, and eagle. I hope to be … Continue reading Bikram Buddy?

Am I Unemployable?

It’s the middle of the night and I’m on some pointless quest to get a summer job.  I’m not the sort who works for other people.  I need something mindless so I can put my energy into my writing but still manage to make rent.  Now I know what your saying – “Widow you’re a … Continue reading Am I Unemployable?

A Late Night, Drinking, Yard Sale! — Friday the 20th

It is Friday night and it is also the first night I have had to sit in my own apartment and have several glasses of wine in over two weeks. I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I want to become.  Graduate school, especially a Masters program that should lead to a … Continue reading A Late Night, Drinking, Yard Sale! — Friday the 20th

SM 101 and a Private Play Party! — Jan 17th

I’m teaching SM 101 at Dungeon Servitus on Saturday the 17th at 6:00 PM.  The play party that follows is a private party for workshop attendees only.  If you have been wanting to see me in San Diego, or you are simply curious about BDSM come to this workshop.  I’m seriously excited to get dressed … Continue reading SM 101 and a Private Play Party! — Jan 17th


It’s time for another strike folks – it feels like the opening of a show –STRIKE, the musical! The current strike I’m all wrapped up in is the CSU Teaching Assistant Strike.  The CSU school system which includes 23 California universities has been treating it’s teaching assistants unfairly. Oy Vey! Tell me about it! All … Continue reading STRIKE