Sex Workers Art Show!

Support Sex Workers! Support Art! Come to the Sex Workers Art Show! I am performing a new monologue. It is from the new one woman show I have been working on. If you are in New Orleans, please come out to the bywater to watch this show. The St Claude Art Space 3116 St Claude... Continue Reading →

Flatulence Fetish

I have been so out of money lately that I have been living on beans. Consequently, I have the most explosive and stinky gas. Every couple minutes a loud rank fart comes thundering through my cheeks. They smell so bad the cat went into the other room. If you are a fart fetishist you should... Continue Reading →

My Cunt, Today

I want to be able to go have sex or at least rub one out, but my cunt is ripped apart. Sitting is painful. Getting off could potentially end in a trip to the emergency room. I wonder how long it will take to heal. I’m super sore and, right now, pretty concerned too. I... Continue Reading →

I Miss My Boyfriend

I wrote this last year. I'm working it into a show. I miss my boyfriend. Ok, he really isn’t my boyfriend. He hasn’t been my boyfriend in a year or so, but we still skype every day. He still says he loves me. He says we will run away together and open a yoga retreat.... Continue Reading →

Death or Kundalini

Written May 2017 Feeling well enough to share now.   Several years ago I put a video on youtube called ‘Widow Centauri is sick’ and I was very ill at the time. Had been for a number of years. I had every medical test possible done, save for a spinal tap — I was perfectly... Continue Reading →


  Last night I was huddled up next to my only space heater, I thought about the inherent privilege in the idea of getting what you want. Dude was probably being nice when he said I hope you get everything you want in 2018 but I sat there thinking about what the word want implies,... Continue Reading →


I'm in New Orleans and this weekend DomCon is too. I should be excited, but with the things that are really going on in this town right now I am finding little enthusiasm for dressing up and spanking old ass white guys.  I am looking forward to seeing some friends I have not seen in... Continue Reading →

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