On Being a Fat Stripper

Let me start off by saying that I am not fat. I do not have a complex. I do not think I am fat. For the industry I am often considered to be fat. So, now you know. My body is actually quite lovely. My measurements are 36D, 25,40. I have a tiny middle with … Continue reading On Being a Fat Stripper

Fascism in the Name of Safety

Yesterday I ran for the bus.  I was lugging the five gallons of water, three bananas, two grapefruits and four bottles of kombucha that will complement my carrot juice diet for the week.  As I approached the number ten bus at the corner of Park and University I was screaming at the top of my … Continue reading Fascism in the Name of Safety

Marriage and Family

With all the fighting for basic civil liberties that have been happening around the country I thought it high time to sit down and write about marriage.  So I wrote an angry piece about gay marriage and then I opted to not publish it.  I stashed it in a folder and though I could avoid … Continue reading Marriage and Family

Bikram Buddy?

The sweat drips down my skin It gets in my yes Sometimes I stick out my tongue and lick the sweat off my breasts, upside-down. The deep stretch The sensation of tightening muscles in my groin I have come in several of the Bikram poses -- camel, half locust, and eagle. I hope to be … Continue reading Bikram Buddy?

I Lost 10 lbs. in 7 Days with … THE FLU!

I lost 10 lbs in 7 days with THE FLU I know it sounds unbelievable. Ten pounds in seven days – there are always these con like gimmicks that make empty promises but with my proven strategy you can really loose the weight. Now granted you have to suffer with a 104 degree fever for … Continue reading I Lost 10 lbs. in 7 Days with … THE FLU!