RIP Mike

In The End We All Turn To Dust.   RIP Mike, strange person, wacky inventor, person who left and never got blamed for leaving.  I wish you had beaten Hon Lik, I would be sitting pretty on an island right now. I really hope that you are happy in a parallel universe and that... Continue Reading →


I went outside the other day       only to discover that it was the middle of the day.   But I was determined to enjoy myself and get out of my cave.   So I forced my way out into the light of day.     Only to completely fall of the deep... Continue Reading →

Santa Barbara Wednesday

I'll be in Santa Barbara Wednesday April 28th to give a lecture on kinky sex at the LGBTQQIIK & GQ conference at UCSB.  I'm wildly excited about the event. See you in Santa Barbara!

Bikram Yoga – Six Years!

Today is my six-year Bikram anniversary.  I’m in love with it.  I can’t get enough.  I jumped up out of bed at 5:30 this morning so excited to get my first class of the sixth year!  I’m all giddy over this shit.  It is addicting, it is a cult, it is the best thing I... Continue Reading →

Coming Out

I generally think that coming out is a bad idea.  Anytime you have to articulate your identity you are giving credence to the ideology of heteronormative behavior.  When was the last time someone came out to you as straight? Coming out presupposes a world of coerced conformity. A world where nuclear, heterosexual, two person, monogamous... Continue Reading →

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