Public GS

mermaid-and-me.jpgHow would a public golden shower work?

This is the question on the week.

I love to do public golden showers. Here is why, how, and when.

When I was in high school I liked to pee on the street. My friend Sara got me into it. She would sit on the curb and pee into the gutter. Sometimes I had so much piss I would accidentally shoot it into my shoes. Yes, I’m ditsy, I know.

Anyway, at some point I thought it would be more fun to pee onto a boy. I started pissing on my lovers at the beach. One night at a party someone dared me to pee on him in front of a bunch of friends. I took him up on it and got so turned on I never actually want to use the white porcelain type of toilet again.

Last year I went on a road trip across the country. I put out the word that I was looking for public golden shower boys and started stopping at gas stations, taking them into the bathroom, and using the boy instead of the nasty public toilet. Yes, sometimes the boy would get drenched.

I have pissed on boys in parking lots, in parks, at beaches, in restaurant bathrooms, on the Sunset Strip, at the Christmas Tree Shop, in limos at the drive through, in cemeteries, in the yard of a friend in Los Feliz while he was playing Gardner and the neighbor was outside, and in a mostly discreet place during a wedding.

Clearly I don’t have a cookie cutter type session with this. If you are brave enough to experience this call me up, send me an email, and expect to get drenched. My bladder can hold three and a half cups of piss.

36 thoughts on “Public GS

  1. wow… kinda speechless… I’m reading and reading and looking at your videos online and I’m amazed… I’m a normal guy… but I kinda feel like… I want you to do that to me… like… everything… (completely straight) but even the cock in the box and the shower and like other things, is that odd? I mean, I want to hear everything you have to say.

    – vikz

  2. Hello Mistress! If you are ever in the Denver Metro area I would love to try some lemonade! LOL Hope you are well!

    PS- Do you ever allow your feet to be worshiped?? I am a very handsome, tall/fit 38 yom

  3. Am have been a life long rubber fetish and have many catsuits and clothes. I adore corsets and high heels as well as bondage and electro stimulation. I would very much enjoy giving your oral satisfaction and drink your pee while you orgasm. I have profiles on (rubber7) and (rubber93110). I live in Santa Barbara and am also very busy with my work (I am a company executive).

  4. If you are ever in Rhode Island or the area look me up. I would gladly pay to be your toilet even if for just a short visit.

  5. Miss Centauri,

    i recently purchased a funnel, with a long tube attached, from Kragens. It is perfect for urinal use. i imagine meeting You at a predetermined public location…..You walk in…..i am laying on my back holding the funnel about arms length with the tube in my mouth…..i am also holding a small envelope…..You stand over me and relieve Yourself of Your very bladder, into the funnel, while looking directly into my eyes…..saying nothing….then You wipe Yourself…..drop the used paper into the funnel…..take the envelope and leave.

    Maybe i will get the honor if You ever come to the SF Bay Area.

    With Servitude,

  6. Next time you’re in SF, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Let’s go to dinner, drink some fine wine, and You can use the facilities …

  7. Centauri, Love Your sight. So may ways to receive and so little givers. I loved the time when i was told i would have to get my fill of that warm tea when at a movie theater and She was ripe and ready to burst and was to made me get down between Her leags and do my best to gulp the warm tea down. It was so sexy and She didn’t have to miss a moment of the show.
    I would drive a day to be blessed with the warmth of a full filling shower.
    Let me know if i might be in line on one of Your trips.

  8. I was wishing/hoping that you got your SLC booking that you were looking for?
    And if so will you be needing any boys for piss-stops?
    I talked to you when you were driving threw southern UT last year and tried to meet you for this but I think you got running late.
    I sub can dream?

  9. I was wishing/hoping that you got your SLC booking that you were looking for?
    And if so will you be needing any boys for piss-stops?
    I talked to you when you were driving threw southern UT last year and tried to meet you for this but I think you got running late.
    A sub can dream? right ?

  10. where have you been all my life…???

    the thought of you pissing on me in public is such a turn on…i hope people see us!!!

  11. i just have to experience this some day, and i’ll come funnel in mouth. i dream of drinking from You and Goddess Lorelei as that would be so humiliating…but such an honor at the same time!

  12. Hi

    Love your site!!!

    i’d love to take you up on the public GS. i am a full toilet slave, so if you want to go further, i will do it all for you.

    i am in the Los Angeles area.

  13. Widow Centauri:

    Hello. i just wanted to take a moment to say hi & let You know that i share Your fascination for GS and specifically public GS… As a (huge) fetishist for this it’;s difficult to A: find reasonably attractive women who are into giving GS and B: daring enough to engage in public play. It’s been an unfulfilled desire of mine… i have to say that i am lucky in that i do have a local ‘friend’ who comes over and pisses in me a few times a week… we’ve made a bunch of very hot videos using my laptop that i’d be happy to share with You if You have an interest. Unfortunately i live in DC & i don’t get out to CA often (Was in LA last October- i think that You might have been posting on cl for public gs @ the time) so i won’t make any false promises about meeting up with You to get some piss for You (as much as i would love some today- i last had one on Wednesday evening and i’m thirsty for more already)… Anyway, i just wanted to say hi and that i am a fan. If You ever get out the to east coast i would love to see You. Let me know if You’re interested in some of those pics/videos- the girl who gives me the showers is a very hot korean girl… Thanks, jt

  14. Ma’am

    i’m in Tulsa, Ok. If, in Your travels ,You are here it would be my pleasure to make my mouth available for You to piss in (all 3 and a half cups) in a public place.


  15. oh my pleeeease

    i have long been a fan of You and Your dead chicken show…. but reading that You love GS, esp in public places….

    if ever You need a boy in madison wisconsin…. a boy that would open wide and savor every pssible droplet of Your hot piss… all 3 1/2 cups…. i would meet You anywhere You chose and offer myself as Your toilet…. and more!

    i adore how Your mind works thru the center to the edges of the BDSM… taking it not so seriously but reaping a full measure of enjoyment from it.
    and yes…..

    this boy does indeed adore how You look from behind…. those classic Pin-Up curves and fine rounded tush…. yuuuummmmy…. may i have a lick?


  16. Hey Widow, you came to UCSB on Wed, and I met you/talked to you with the KUFF people. I carried your bags for you, and you told me to email you, but this is the best way I could figure out to contact you. Hope you had a great time here, and maybe we’ll meet again someday.

  17. If you are ever on the east coast, in particular our nations capitol, I’d love to drink everything you have to give me.

  18. Widow, all I can think about is drinking you…it is consuming my every thought! I hope we can set something up soon!

  19. If you come to southeastern Massachusetts, I would love to know when and where so you can soak me. Beyond this, I would love for you to tote me around for a couple hours to pee on me whenever you want. I want your fragrant, sticky urine to drip off my hair, dry into my clothes, and even wash over my tongue.

  20. Widow…it was amazing to meet you the other day…and you tasted better than I had ever dreamed! I can’t wait to meet you again!!!

    TIM O.
    CELL #: 617.945.3606

  22. Ma’am

    i will renew my prior offer to be soaked by You if you are even in or near Tulsa, Okla. i’m on my knees and my mouth is open..

  23. Hey would love to meet up with you for an evening of giving you all the beer you can drink while I am wearing a pair of adult diapers and have a funnel for you to pee into and soak my cock and require me to stay in your piss all night long! Will contact you when I am in the RI area!
    Slave Kelly

  24. I would love to be put in a storm drain type: room about 7 feet by 7 feet. On top of the room there would only be metal bars for women like yourself to walk on and squat after consuming all the free beer of your liking. I would ask you to drink until you cannot possibly drink another drop, and then I would like about 50 or more women to do the same.Next I would love you women, about 5 at a time to walk on the metal grates and then squat and start pissing on me. keep going and going until each of your bladders are drained. I will be below soaking, showering, and drinking in as much of your golden nectar as I possibly can. I would love to be tottally saturated in all your womens piss. I Would like it nice warm and bubbly. I would slather it all across my body, not missing a square inch. I Would like it. to last aleast an hour. Yes an of a Golden Shower that’s my fantasy.

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