Sexy Skin

I love to look at tats on other people. I fantasize about having them on me all the time. I long to tattoo political ideologies and manifestos on my arms. I have had fantasies about having tattoos ever since I was little. About two weeks before I turned 18 I went into a tattoo parlor … Continue reading Sexy Skin

Good News Everyone!

Last night started in a most ominous fashion.  The tweaker, who I have been attempting to employ to bring my desk out of the driveway and into my apartment, above the garage, flaked again.  Making this day ten or twelve that my giant desk lingers in the driveway baiting the landlord (who lives in the … Continue reading Good News Everyone!

Cuckold Sessions

Last night I met a little weasely man who said he wanted to be my cuck. I thought “this is better done than said” so I grabbed a couple of beautiful black men and took them downstairs to the hotel room. I pushed the two white slaves into the corner to watch as I got … Continue reading Cuckold Sessions