I had a lover, her name was Pink.

Pink was visually intimidating.  She was big and mean looking.  Her septum was pierced.  She looked like a bull.  She was wide and had a strong walk and a stance like a linebacker.  She kept her hair buzz cut short. People would often mistake Pink for a man.  Common perceptions of gender are limited to … Continue reading I had a lover, her name was Pink.

I Got Laid!

There is nothing sexy about sandy eggo.  Not a god dam thing.  Last year when school started I sent my girlfriend back east and I put my nose in a book.  bout a hundred of em' actually.  A year later I looked up to realize that this town managed to turn me into a cold … Continue reading I Got Laid!

If I Had Time I Would Have A Memorial

Yesterday I had several hours to masturbate.  I stayed in bed with my vibrator most of the day.  Today I woke up and thought I would have a little AM action so I rolled over and grabbed my plug in lover, but alas the thing was dead.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!  This is horrible.  My Hitachi Magic Wand … Continue reading If I Had Time I Would Have A Memorial

A Real ClusterFuck Of A Blog

I’m gonna post a few things in this blog.  First and foremost : I need a couple of big strong boys to help me lift some heavy stuff  (IN LA and SAN DIEGO) the day after Thanksgiving.  Should only take an hour or so.  Email me at widowcentauri@gmail.com  if you can help.  Please refrain from … Continue reading A Real ClusterFuck Of A Blog

Sex — I Recommend You Have Some!

Welfare, teen mothers, food stamps, the rising price of gas, the war in the middle east, the wall we are building at the US / Mexico border.  I have opinions about them all.  But in March I wrote about sex and I had ten thousand individual visitors to my blog so sex is what you … Continue reading Sex — I Recommend You Have Some!

Shoes and Sex

Aggg my chucks were stolen.  I walked to the Improv and then put my high heels on.  I stashed my chucks behind the booth and didn't think anything of it.  When I was ready to leave my chucks were missing. Gone.  Just gone. Fuck it looks like I'm walking home in my high heels.  Dammit. … Continue reading Shoes and Sex