I can be reached at widowcentauri@gmail.com


Consulting couples with gender issues is one of the things that brings me pleasure in the world.  Husband a cross-dresser?  Don’t get all bent out of shape about it – come play dress up!  I have a huge collection of costumes and can really help with issues of confusion that happen when gender issues disrupt the normalcy of life.

We can spend some time talking but I have always felt that my strength is in dressing up and having fun.  Wanna have a slumber party and discover the fun girl in your man?  Contact me.

I hope you are in the mood to play too!


I offer dirty pen pal services that bring your fantasies to life. I can write in any style, genre, pov, and with any particular narrative you wish for. Do you want me to write the story like it actually happened? More along the lines of what I am going to do to you when I get my hands on you? The more creative the better. Take a look around and let your imagination run wild. I’m sitting by my computer aching to write some smut for you.


I have been modeling for many years. I am very comfortable in front of the camera. I have large collection of costumes and props. I am an awesome super hero model. I have an incredible hourglass figure. 34C, 25, 40. My waist can corset down to 20 inches making me wildly curvy. I have long red hair, white skin and I am a Second City trained improviser, making me quite talented at performing in character.


I am a costume fetishist. I have rooms and rooms full of costumes, boots, shoes, stockings, corsets, masks, latex, leather, vintage lingerie’, and sex toys. I have large collections on both coasts.

Some pieces of note:

Star Trek Original Series girl costume – you know the red mini dress (so hot)

Darth Vader and Yoda masks

Two leather bunny hoods

A pink hello kitty corset

A number of interesting vintage dresses

Several prom dresses

Way more shoes than you have – pink ones, green ones, purple, black – fetish and straight, “wow that’s a lot of shoes” is what most people say when they walk into my dungeon. Yes I have shoes. Pointy, open toe, stiletto, princess, and thigh high boots too. I love shoes.

I could go on and on – I have masks of feather, body paint, rocker outfits, a SFPD costume, leather chaps, and head gear seems to be a specialty of mine. I can’t get enough.

In addition to my lovely collection of costumes I am an excellent face maker. I love to make faces, show emotion, and have FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!

I can and will shoot some serious stuff – I have range and love to play with it but when someone tells me not to smile in a series of photos I am pretty sure we are not going to get the most from my talent, unless I am crying – which I can and will do.

My rates for photo shoots vary. I have very limited time to offer trade shoots. Please see my model mayhem page (and send me yours).



I am happy to come to your class, conference, rally, or other shindig and speak. Five minutes or a ninety minute lecture? My rates vary for speaking. Please contact me with details about the event and the budget you have to pay speakers.

28 thoughts on “Rates/Schedule/Service

  1. Hello!

    If you’re ever in Europe, I’d like to spend a day as your slace. Especially I love golden showers!

    Have a nice day



  3. hello, i would like to see if you are available for modeling. I can pay 300.00 per hour for artistic nudes. i would also like to do a bikrams yoga and sweat fetish theme with you as well. My my portfolio is located at my website. I am a submissive male, so I am looking to serve. If you have a paypal account, I can start putting donations in there for you right away. I am also interested in maybe doing a photo book with you. T’challa

  4. after reading your site i would really enjoy being your slave
    im 6’6 tatted and have piercings
    in life im the alfa male but being in controll all the time sucks
    i want to surrender my self to you
    im good with my hands can fix almost anything
    im into what ever you say im into
    hope to hear from you soon

  5. Your san diego hood boy, shoe licker, gag lover….would like to be restrained (head and body) with open mouth gag on for a slow, full golden cocktail given against my will. No turning back once I’m restrained!

  6. I would love to play with you in San Francisco for a whole day. Email me back and I’d love to get soaked by you.

  7. Met you at Thunder in the Mountains a couple of years ago, I said nice hat, you said “I sure could use a vaginal fisting…….I was speechless, wish I would have responded that day! I will be in San Diego til I leave this Friday the 18th. Would luv to hook up.

  8. hi , i would love love you to take me shopping for
    womens pantyhose and tights while u tell the
    saleswoman they are for me! or a ballet store for
    leotards,while u laugh at me and slap me.i love pain.

  9. I live in Maine, I’m a gender confused 63 year old chemically castrated slave want to be who would love an opportunity to serve you, if you were ever up this way.

  10. I have never booked a session with you. I wonder do you do face-farting session? That means farting while sitting on my face. How stinky are your farts in general? How much is your rate?

  11. I live in Mass. and am a novice sub with a strapon fantasy!
    do you strapon train?
    Not sure of my limits. pretty open to anything once 🙂

  12. Sorry about doing this in the comments, but I can’t seem to find an email contact anywhere in your blog. Some time ago you had dungeon furnature available for sale in Southern California. I’m putting together a playspace in LA and I’d love to know if you still anything.

    Thanks! Ali | explorebliss@gmail.com

    1. Imitation is the fondest form of flattery. Besides DomDominique has her own tale to tell. Who am I to discourage literacy. We are very different people doing very different things, so she is a prodomme with a blog. Good for her. I hope she loves to write and that her readers adore her. I think I added her to my blogroll. I’ll be working on that soon. The only gripe I have with her is that the eros guide lets her link her blog but told me I could not. It’s more a gripe with the eros guide than with her. Either way I hope she has some fine smut. I have tried to read it, It’s not really my cup of tea. I’m not reading a lot of blogs right not. Books are more my thing. Habbermas and Foucault have me. I’ll need a break from my heady reading at some point and enjoy the blog o’ sphere a bit. Now I’m gonna go write some smut for you.

  13. I am well built and athletic – would love to play when you are next in Chicago! I like many of things you are in to and have references. I can go in to more depth via private email.

  14. Though I am not worthy, I would love to apply to be in your service. I am very much into public humiliation of any kind and would welcome public piss scenes – as well as any other you might amuse yourself with at my expense. I want to submit to the point where it is all about YOU; completely regardless of whether I get “turned on” by it or not. You should have a chance to be amused and enjoy yourself doing what YOU want – and I would love to submit to be the pathetic tool from which you can. I just moved to San Diego and would like to submit. Mistress, may I?

  15. Hello Mistress
    I know nipple play is one of your fondest things. Are you in Ma at all and could you use some nipple play. I would love to see you again.

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