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I have been formally instructing sexuality workshops since the early 00s. Lately I have been presenting my academic research at conferences. I love to share information, to be in front of people, to teach. I’m available for workshops, public speaking engagements, and conference presentations.

My workshops are very educational — not bachelor party fare though bachlorette parties may enjoy How To Be The Sexually Assertive Woman You Have Always Wanted To Be, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Anal Sex But Were Afraid To Ask, or Erotic Role Play!

My workshops are excellent for Universities, Student Organizations, Sex Toy Parties, Conferences, or just a fun way to get together with friends!

I have years of experience instructing sexuality workshops.  I am fun, easy to be around, and a great teacher. I have over thirty workshops on different facets of human sexuality and am always excited to create new workshops by request. My workshops are available for groups of five of more.  Mixed gender groups are fine as are all women.

To book me for a lecture or workshop email

These are my 12 most popular workshops.

The Business Of Professional Domination

Have you been wondering how to take your pro Domme business to new heights? Maybe how to become a professional Dominatrix? Or how to approach one? During this workshop you will become more acquainted with the in’s and out’s of Professional Domination. Find out everything from where to advertise for the most exposure to the best ways to reinvest your money. Let Widow Centauri’s years of experience as a successful professional dominatrix answer the questions you have about this business. Learn how to protect yourself in an industry that dances very close to the lines of legality, how to make more money, and have more fun doing it! Become a better businesswoman and attend this class today!

SM- 101

For beginners as well as more experienced players. Widow Centauri puts her bizarre twist on the basics of BDSM. In this class, first developed for the Learning Annex, you will learn to spice up your love life and reevaluate everything you think you know about BDSM.

How To Become the Sexually Assertive Woman You Have Always Wanted To Be

Your whole life you have longed to be the woman who commands a crowd — the one who captivates the entire party and gets what she wants. Now you can be that woman! You no longer have to watch from the sidelines as the world seems to go by without you. Learn how to be an in-charge woman as Widow Centauri shows you all about the basics. You will learn how to express your sexual needs to your lover. how to take charge of any situation, and become happier and more fulfilled by doing so. This class covers the different dimensions of being the woman with the take charge attitude — You owe it to yourself to strengthen your character and become a more powerful woman by attending this class today!

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Anal Sex But Were Afraid To Ask

I encourage woman who have been terrified to engage in anal sex to come to this class. Bring your lovers and prepare to have anal sex demystified. The social, political and psychological ramifications of sodomy will be discussed. We will cover the attractiveness of anal sex and how to engage in it without concern or trouble. Anyone who had ever wanted to (or been asked to) engage in posterior pleasures is invited. Bring your questions.

Techno Sex

A pervy nerd’s dream adventure workshop! Widow Centauri brings you all the thrill of playing with high-end sex gadgets! Toys like electric butt plugs, bio feedback machines and audio accessories will be examined and available for you to “take a spin.” You may have seen some of these gadgets in action at places like JT’s Stockroom and Mr. S — Even your ipod is a sex toy! So bring your creativity, and your gadget-loving-nerdy-pervert self for an extravaganza of science fair sex!

Creative Play

I am often asked what I use these Rubber Chickens for — Come to this workshop to find out the answer to this question as well as what in the world to do with things like liquid latex, a tub full of jello, tempra paint and goggles, a giant bolt of saran wrap, a midget and a bag of feathers! — Your inner child is cordially invited to learn from the Master of creative play just how to use virtually anything in a way that is kinky, perverted, and oh so much fun! Bring your imagination and an odd prop to discover the creativity within your inner pervert!

Erotic Hypnosis

Learn to use grammar and tone of voice to seduce and control the mind of your subject. This day long workshop covers the many different ways the human mind responds to what you are saying — learn how to find out what will make someone respond positively to the things that come out of your mouth and how to use this to your advantage — basic principles and techniques of hypnosis will be covered as well as an introductory to NLP.

Dress Up For Sex!

Costumes and Fantasy Clothing will be explored deeply in this two hour workshop. From why — to wear to find them — and how to take tare of them — Widow Centauri will give you the low down on dressing up. We will cover cross dressing, latex fetish, bizarre and plain weird, clown, animal play, dressing as children and babies, where to shop and have your things custom made, the basics of fashion design and how to make your own costumes and fashions! Let Widow Centauri’s experience and and fashion bizarrete’ lead you into the unknown waters of fetish fashion enhancement!

Gender Deviance

Ever been asked about your sexuality in terms you just didn’t feel fit you? Straight, gay, Bi — Male Female Trans — Why is that the sum total of the options most of us are trained to work with? If you have ever felt that there was more to your gender and sexuality than the obvious this is the class for you. Widow Centauri covers how to break free of the labels and stereotypes we are bombarded with daily — Embrace who you are — Gender and sexuality are not quite as neat and tidy as the labels and boxes we have become so accustomed to fitting inside of. Come and find out just how to embrace the sexual being you are, let the stereotypes free and break out the individualism —

Psychological Edge Play AKA Mind Fuck

How to scare someone and what to do if you do it too well

Widow Centaurií’s workshop on mind fuck covers the cerebral art of scaring someone. She offers a short lecture covering safety and the ethics involved within an effective Mindfuck prior to a hefty hands on workshop. As this topic is generally thought of as a form of psychological edge play the participants need to be aware of their ability to handle fear. This workshop is not for the timid due to its graphic nature; Knives, electricity, needles, breath play, and how to “Jump out and yell boo” will all be touched on. You will learn how too find out what scares someone and how to play with that fear for mutual enjoyment. The importance of a good lead in, delivery of the mindfuck, and after care will all be covered. There is an opportunity for audience participation during this multi media extravaganza so come prepared to have fun!

Creative Kidnapping

Let Widow Centauri’s wild imagination teach you things you never thought were possible in a kidnapping scene! Put a stop to all the cerebral hard work of fantasying the bulk of your kidnapping and learn how to make the experience real. Kidnapping does not have to be boring — no more “stand on this corner and wait”. Learn how to use creative spying and careful planning as you craft a true kidnapping adventure withe the kidnapping specialist, Widow Centauri.

Creative Mummification (ONE and TWO)

(one hour demo / mini workshop)

Mummification and all its tight intense allure will be explored during this hour-long workshop. We will cover preparation for mummification, how to encase your mummy, safety tips so you don’t slip with your mummy, fun and flying as a mummy, how to move a mummy, materials to use and how to hide a mummy from your mummy in law

(two and one half hours — hands on workshop)

During Widow Centauri’s hand on Creative Mummification workshop you learn, and have the opportunity, to wrap and be wrapped! You will learn all about how to mummify first hand as Widow teaches you creative techniques for wrapping snug secure mummies. You will experience many different and unusual mummification materials and learn how to use them for desired results. Wear as little as possible as things might get messy!

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  1. loved watching your videos. your funny, sexy and how you explain being a domme is unique. you look like girl next door. i have never been with a domme but thought about it. you would be a perfect one if i ever saw one. i am in south carolina now, originally from southern calif and visit there once a year. you talking about giving golden showers on your tour really sounded interesting. i never had one but if you tour again and go through south carolina i would love to be on the receiving end. i never expected a domme to be as funny and down to earth. bob

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